Important Google Algorithm Changes Every Blogger Must be Aware Of


Google constantly changes its algorithm ranking system. In fact, it is making more than a hundred modifications in a year, and a couple of changes every month. This only shows how fast the search engine landscape evolves over time. If you are not updated on the current changes in its ranking algorithm, you may be left behind by your competitors who are constantly monitoring Google’s behavior when optimizing their blogs.

So if you want to boost website traffic through enhanced Google page rank then you must keep yourself abreast with the most recent changes Google made in its algorithm. In July and August of 2012, there were four key parameters that were updated to enhance the search results for better user experience of the search engine. They are as follows:

  • Web Ranking and Indexing
  • Page Scoring and Quality Scores
  • Sitelinks, User Interface, and Snippets
  • Image Search

It is important to give due attention to these parameters if you are doing search engine optimization. These parameters are important because they can make a lot of differences to the page rank of your domain. If you are a content curator, you need to determine the areas that Google is eyeing on when ranking blogs in this area.

The same also hold true if you are a link strategist or a PPC expert. If you are optimizing your blog, then all the more reasons for you to find out the major and important updates made in the ranking algorithm. In order to properly align your SEO goals with the above updates, it is best dive deeper into each of the above key parameters:

Key Ranking Parameters with Algorithm Changes

Web Ranking and Indexing

One of the most important changes under this area is the LTS update that modified the search results to show only a few websites that are relevant to the queries containing locations.

So, if you are targeting a certain country or more specifically to a particular State, then make sure that the name of the State is there, or it is mentioned at least once within the body of the content. This will help signal the search engine that your post is targeting a location; hence, it has relevance to the queries of the users.

Somewhat similar to the above update is the update #82279 that also changed the search results to show only those that are generally relevant to the search queries. This update was aimed at providing users more accurate results that are specific to the search query.

Google will be taking away from the result pages those that are not relevant to the search term. Thus, if your blog is all about making money online then stick your contents within this context for best results.

Also an important update is #82546, which was done to enhance the efficiency of the system to index videos. Therefore, inserting relevant YouTube files in your post may actually give it additional ranking points.

Quality and Page Scoring

This parameter is one of the important areas because it focuses more on the quality scores based on the web-contents. This is the update that content curators must give focus on.

An important change on the algorithm is the update #82862 that redirects the focus of the search engine bots on top-quality blog-posts from trusted sources. If one of the pages is enjoying a high page rank, then it means it is considered as a trusted source by Google. Otherwise, you need to modify your web-contents to make it a trusted one.

Take note that if the home page has a high PR in Google, it doesn’t automatically follow that all the pages and posts will have the same page rank. If you turn on your SEOQuake, you will observe that different pages will have different ranks. Some may have a PR 0, even if your domain name is awarded PR 5 or higher by Google.

Therefore, make each post highly relevant to the specific audience you are targeting to, and ensure that the post is outstanding in quality. Posts should be individually optimized for the search engines. The more posts that you have with good page rank, the higher the position your domain will achieve in the SERPs.

The update #83761 is another change that needs due attention. This focuses on the freshness of the web-contents by giving more ranking points on the latest posts in blogs with 2 or more contents that are relevant to the search query.

That said it is not enough to publish a single post targeting a particular keyword phrase. For best result, publish two or more posts targeting the same keywords. But more importantly, keep your blog regularly updated to improve its visibility in the SERPs.

Site-links, User Interface, and Snippets

For a better understanding on the changes under this parameter, listed below are some of the main highlights of the changes. There are actually a few more changes but these two updates are the most important ones.

  • Update#83442 – focuses on the relevancy of the result title to the page of the blog-post
  • Up#84652 – this change further enhanced via a snippet the auto-generate title feature for PDF files and non-HTML documents. It added other signals when creating the titles for the PDFs.

The above changes imply the importance of consistency of the title with the content of the page. So content curators should keep this in mind; make sure that the content truly meets what is being promised in the title.

Aside from that, if you upload PDF files make sure to add titles. While Google automatically generates the title for the file, it is best to add it yourself in order to more accurately target your audience. Furthermore, this also tells that even the PDF files are crawled by the search engines and rank them accordingly.

Image Search

This is one of the changes that owners of adult blogs must pay attention to. The Maru Safe Search was updated to enhance the ranking of networks with adult contents and videos by minimizing their presence in the search results for those who are not looking for adult contents.

Aside from that, the instances of adult images to show up in the result pages are further minimized and restricted, especially when the safe search mode is turned on. So, under the strict mode of the search, adult contents are prevented from appearing.

Thus, the image search update is more targeted to owners of adult networks. If you don’t own one, then you have nothing to worry about with regards to this update.

The above discussions are just a glimpse of what is going on in the search engines today. These things are just applicable to Google, and these parameters may not be applicable if you are optimizing for Yahoo and Bing, or if you are hoping to improve your Alexa ranking. Nonetheless, it is worthwhile to keep in mind the above changes if you want to increase targeted traffic to your site.

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