Leads Generations in Post Panda and Post Penguin Era

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Google made another wave of havoc in the search engine world when it almost simultaneously refreshed the Penguin and the Panda updates. To add further chaos to the calamity, it even unleashed another algorithm change targeting the exact match domain (EMD) blogs, which is fondly called by some expert as the EMD update. You can just imagine the aftermath after the tropical storm, and yet in the middle of everything some webmasters are still purchasing leads to boost their visitor count.

This method is well known in the search engine optimization world as unhealthy in SEO perspective. While this may be true in some cases, there are instances that this is even a wise choice. It may be hard to imagine how a business performance is improved using this method. But if you take closer look at how the system works, you will soon realize the benefits of this method of leads generation.


Paid Links versus Paid Hits

Some bloggers are still at a loss on which of the two to prioritize. It is important to set a clear line between these two terms that are quite distinct in many ways. At times, both are closely associated to each other. This is due to the fact that when you get just bought links you will experience an outburst of visits to your pages.

On the other hand, if you opt for the paid hits this doesn’t necessarily imply that you also bought some links. You directly bought the visitors without getting a couple of backlinks under this method.

Differentiating these two different systems is crucial because paid links are given more focus on by Google as a form of black-hat technique. In fact, Matt Cutts webmasters about the SEO impact on buying links because it is getting riskier today as Google is continuously improving its technology to crack down on those involved in such methods.

In a nutshell, both practices are unhealthy for search engine optimization. However, there are also cases where these methods are beneficial for SEO.


When is it Bad for SEO and for Your Business?

It is undeniable that compensated visitors can be bad with retrospect to search engine optimization. But this depends on how they were generated, as well as their sources. In some instances, hits were generated from PTC (pay-to-view) networks, which is not good in the eyes of Google because this is a form of manipulating the results and the popularity of your domain.

PTC sites are networks that provide promising offers on making money online by simply viewing various blogs. Some are scams but there are also authentic companies that really pay. However, the payout is extremely low; normally the range is from $0.1 to $0.01 per page view of about 10 to 20 seconds in duration. Basically the pay is about $1 per 1000 views.

These PTC companies will then sell page views at about$10 per 2000 hits. So they are actually making real money using this technique. However, this method is illegitimate in SEO perspective. So if you subscribe to one of the plans of these PTC networks then you are putting your business at risk.

Aside from that, there are a couple of PTC networks that rip off money from bloggers because the visitors that they will get are non-targeted and inferior in quality. Majority of them have no intention to buy or even read long posts and contents. They view pages just to earn money and not to spend money. So if you are selling something, then they are definitely not the kind of prospects that you would like to present your product offers.



Instances When it is Good for SEO

Not all of them are tapping on the traffic-exchange networks and the PTC networks. You can still find a few firms that provide genuine targeted hits with a couple of buyers. There are also systems that make buying leads legal. In fact, even Google is involved in paid leads through pay-per-click advertising and banner ads.

There are services that mimic the PPC advertising system when funneling targeted visitors to their clients’ blogs. They usually own hug networks that enjoy good page rank in Google with high monthly hits. All they have to do is to redirect the leads to your web page when you subscribe to their plan by placing banners ads or by inserting hyperlinks that will lead people to your landing page.

This technique is totally legal. It is like letting others do the PPC advertising for you at greatly reduced costs on your part. That is why this method is sometimes not only a better alternative to SEO but also a cheaper and cost-economical option to increase your page views.


How to Make Paid Leads Work Better for Your Business

Check Your Sales Copy

To get higher returns on your investment, it is important to initiate a couple of measures to maximize the output of the paid leads generation campaign. One of them is to split-test your landing page to ensure that it is geared for maximum conversion. You will be wasting your hard-earned money on buying hits only to get minimal sales because the landing page sucks.

Publish Interesting Contents

Also important is to add interesting contents with eye-grabbing headlines. It’s a fact that some of the people that will come to your pages are non-targeted audience. But you can still get several of them to start reading your articles if you have some interesting insights with eye-popping titles.

Take note that one of your goals is to lower down your bounce rate. Most compensated visitors will only check your posts for a few seconds then leave. This will cause the bounce rate to skyrocket, which is bad for SEO. But if you post some breaking news and interesting updates, you can prevent visitors from leaving immediately and even convince some of them to check other pages.

Insert Social Media Buttons

Aside from that, it is also important to add a couple of social buttons in the landing page and in other blog-posts. These buttons will make it easier for the readers to share your contents in different social networks. Getting plenty of shares will not only drive more views to your pages but also increase its page ranking in Google due to the social popularity factor.

Should You Still Go for the Paid Visits Amidst the Chaos in the Search Engines?

You have nothing to worry about if you are buying your visitor count even if Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithms will refresh. There is nothing wrong with it for as long as you are using the services of a trusted firm. In fact, you can even benefit from it if your blog has good contents that ignite social engagement and social sharing among the readers, which will give your blog some added ranking points.

But if you are using the services of firms that use the traffic-exchange network, then you have all the more reasons to worry about being hit by the Penguin or the Panda. Thus, make sure you are using the services of the right firm and you are good to go.