Popular and Little Known Secrets to Boost Your Clickbank Income

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Clickbank is one of the largest affiliate programs today with hundreds of thousands of affiliates promoting more than thirteen thousand different products. If Amazon is the leader in tangible consumer products, Clickbank is the specialist in digital publishing. With so many products to choose from, there is enough room for growth for your affiliate marketing business that can make you earn generous amount of Clickbank income.

While Clickbank(CB) is very popular among affiliate marketers, the competition is quite tough since you will be competing with the big dogs in affiliate marketing. But that should not stop you from venturing further into this business. The market is even bigger that there is sufficient room for success to all who persevere, and to those who have creative strategies on tapping the market for potential sales and income.

Success in affiliate programs including CB is greatly influenced by your strategies of promotion, as well as your willingness to focus on the tasks and to spend a lot of time in marketing. While there are now software and programs that allegedly automate the process, you still need to invest in time, efforts, and to some extent money to quickly achieve your goals.

Old-School Affiliate Marketing Techniques

The traditional methods of promotions are article marketing, forum posting, and social media marketing. These techniques still work today, but you have to put some tweaks on the general strategies because these methods are already very saturated with ads and affiliate promotions.

Article Marketing

Article marketing, for instance, can still give you direct hits to your website. If you are able to target the appropriate audience through your main keywords, you will start earning money by just creating articles and submitting them for publication to various top article directories like Ezine and Goarticles. This will also improve the page rank of your affiliate blog because of the backlinks created along the way.

Forum Posting

Forum posting is another old-school strategy that still works today. Success is just a matter of getting in touch with the right audience and joining the perfect forum where a lot of targeted prospects hang out. Give them a couple of tips and help other members in finding solutions to their problems and you shall earn respect from them. Eventually, you can sell your offers to those who respect you in these forums and make money from sales made by forum-members.

Social Media Marketing

Social marketing is nothing new since many marketers have been implementing various marketing programs in different social networks. Active engagement is the key to success in this method of marketing, as well as getting a lot of people to follow you or to become your fans.

However, there are now a couple social networks with unique features that are getting more popular. Hence, your strategies should be flexible so that you can include the newer sites that are gaining popularity today like Pinterest and Instagram.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Tips

Using the above methods of marketing will require perseverance at your end. The results may not come quick, that is why you need to have patience. Sometimes, sales will come only after getting 300 to 1000 hits. Therefore, you need to get a lot of views to your posts and articles as much as possible using one of the above techniques.

Keep on doing your marketing campaign and you shall soon be rewarded for your efforts. However, it is also important to choose the right products to promote. There are some products with insanely high conversion rate, while there also those with extremely low conversion.

Apparently, you will save efforts and time if you promote products that convert well. You can easily check this out by taking a look at the gravity of each product. The gravity will tell you regarding the number of affiliates that are presently making money form the program.


The higher the number the more affiliates are earning. On the other hand, if the gravity is low, then it means that only a few affiliates are earning. While this is not accurate since newly-launched products will obviously have low gravity, but the data can already help you in some ways with regards to the earning potential of the product.

All these marketing efforts have only one goal in mind: and that is to obtain  targeted visitor traffic that converts into sales. If you want to promote one of the top CB products with the highest gravity then choose from the top programs below:

Top Clickbank Products with Highest Gravity

  • Work from No Home – http://www.workfromnohome.com
  • Mobile Monopoly – http://www.mobilemonopoly.com/mm2/live/
  • Google Sniper – http://gsniper2.com/
  • Truth About Abs – http://www.truthaboutabs.com/ab/

The above products may have the highest gravity but they also have so many competitor affiliates. Don’t allow the competition to put you down, choose one or two of these products to promote and you will surely reap the rewards later on.

Even if you only concentrate on article marketing and stick on this campaign by submitting at least 3 to 5 articles per day, it is impossible not to close a single sale after two to four weeks.

Clickbank Affiliate Tools

What is good about CB is that there are some tools that you can use to further improve your performance. Some are online tools that you can access for free, although premium versions are also offered to gain access to other features.

One of the best tools is the CB Engine. This is an excellence resource for affiliates since it will let you gain access to critical data about the top products of Clickbank. You can check the most popular products, products with the highest gravity, products with recurring income, and those that will give you the best gains among others.

This is a very useful tool when searching for products to promote, which is usually relatively difficult amidst the many choices that you have that numbers by the thousands.

More CB Tips

One of the most challenging aspects of affiliate marketing is capture sales leads. Regardless of the products you are promoting, traffic is crucial because without it you have no prospects to sell your products to.

The above methods of marketing may work well but the results are not quick. If you want fast results, then paid advertising is one of the effective strategies under proper and efficient implementation of the system.

Pay per click advertising will usually come first to your mind. But there is another method, which is to buy web traffic. Although this is discouraged by some marketers and so-called gurus because of the poor quality visitors that you shall be getting, there are now several paid services that offer genuine plans by giving you highly-targeted visitors that are also buyers. This will give you an immediate boost in sales.

Some of the plans that these firms are offering will allow you to customize the type of visitors that you want to get. You can filter them by age, by location, by country, and so on. This further gives you assurance that only those that qualify to your criteria check your post, thereby improving the conversion rate.

In a nutshell, make a plan and implement your strategies. Stick to your plans until you are earning sufficient amount of Clickbank income. Success will eventually come, but not to those who quit from the game early on.