Priceless Benefits of Facebook Marketing for Business

facebook marketing for web trafficFacebook marketing today seems to be no longer a choice for internet marketers but a must-do marketing strategy that should be integrated in your online marketing plan. The impact that it can potentially make to anyone’s business is so great that failure to include this as part your promotional mix is tantamount to huge opportunities lost on your part.

By marketing using Facebook, you will enjoy several benefits in line with the success of your online business. Here are some of the advantages that will truly make Facebook marketing a venture worth implementing.

Benefits of Facebook Marketing

Increase web traffic

One of the many benefits of Facebook marketing is the potential increase in the number of website visitors. By socially engaging with your online customers via the Facebook page of your business, you will be able to send direct referral to your business website. The added exposure of your blog will attract more visitors, thereby potentially improving the flow of traffic to different pages.

However, in order to enjoy increasing numbers of visits coming from your Facebook page, it is also important to be active in the social network and to keep the page fresh at all times. The activity level of your page can heavily influence your success in capturing more leads. So concentrate more on providing added value and useful content to your Facebook page so that when you ask your followers to check out your company website, many will follow your recommendation.

In essence, there are many ways of capturing targeted visitors through Facebook marketing. One of them is by engaging with your online customers. Another method is by adding fresh contents that provide value to the readers.

Also an effective technique is via advertising. Buy ads and expose your business to billions of worldwide users. The probability of increasing your traffic is high if you advertise in Facebook, given the fact that it has massive global users today.

Product branding

There are many ways of building a good brand image among your clients and prospects. One of them is Facebook marketing. Unlike the traditional one-way communication channel method of creating a good brand image via advertising, Facebook marketing is a two-way system where both the company and the customers can quickly and conveniently interact with each other. This makes it easier to implement product branding; it is more efficient, as well.

By regularly adding fresh contents and updates, you will enhance the product recall of your followers. The more posts you publish, the more people that will easily recall your brand. However, you should also avoid overdoing it or you will end up spamming them. This will potentially make you lose some or many of your followers.

Aside from that, you can also advertise your business through the Facebook ads network. You will potentially get better mileage in your advertising given the fact that the network is accessed by about 1.1 billion users every month according to a social media statistics; approximately 665 million users are active every day. With millions of people seeing your ads daily, your brand name will quickly become the top of mind.

Online reputation management

With Facebook marketing, managing your online reputation will be easier and more efficient. You will be able to quickly answer the questions of your prospects and customers and erase any doubt that they may have by actively engaging with them. You will also be able to contain any problem that may arise as soon as possible, thereby minimizing the potential damage to your business’ reputation.

Another unique benefit in relations to reputation management is that you will not only be defending the image of your business in the event of attack from outside sources and by your competitors, your loyal and well-satisfied customers will also help you defend your image against the opposition.

Moreover, complaints will be handled more effectively using Facebook. If you quickly respond to the complaints of your clients, others will observe your quick response via the Facebook timeline. This will probably create a good impression among your prospects with retrospect to your customer service quality.

Online reputation management may also be implemented along with your customer relationship enhancement strategies. While managing your company image, you will also build harmonious relations with your prospects and maintain or enhance relations with your existing clients at the same time.

A good reputation is crucial to any business. It will not only make it easier for you to close sales, but it will further attract more customers. So make sure to build a highly respectable image to the public. Once it is damaged, new clients will stop coming in while your existing customers will start to leave.

Keep in mind that it may take several months to a few years to create a respectable image. But it will only take a split second to tarnish it. So don’t put all the months or years of efforts to waste by destroying your image in a day. Contain the damage as soon as possible before it erupts into a wildfire that is more difficult to manage. Facebook creates one of the perfect venues to manage your reputation. Thus, take advantage of this feature for the good of your business.


Facebook marketing may be one of the best methods of promoting your business online, but it doesn’t guarantee instant success. You still need to formulate a couple of strategies that work. In addition, you must also meet several criteria such as acquiring sufficient number of followers and having a credible social profile. It is further essential to continuously engage with the other members of the social network in order to build a reputation and to earn the respect of your followers.

Active engagement is essential, and it must be done regularly. The moment you stop socializing with others, your Facebook marketing success will also stop. Nonetheless, implementing a couple of social marketing activities in Facebook is already a good start. Once you keep on engaging with your target audiences, you will start enjoying the above benefits of Facebook marketing, particularly with retrospect to targeted website traffic.

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