Social Engagement Techniques that Can Capture Instagram Followers

Instagram followersThe alternatives are infinite when it comes to getting Instagram followers. Despite the numerous choices, all boils down to social engagement. Unless you socially engage with the other members, growth of new followers will be sluggish. To speed up the collection of more fans to your social profile, a better way to do is to go back to the basics. One way to do that is to start uploading not only photos with  superior in quality but also images that standout from the rest.

However, the science behind Instagram success goes beyond just merely uploading of photos. There are numerous factors that are at play behind the scenes. To stay competitive, an effective social media marketing plan must be in place. To formulate the plan, it is best to have it founded on trends and facts to make it effective. With that in mind, a few stats about Instagram will be greatly beneficial and worth knowing.

A few Instagram Statistics Worth Knowing


  • There are now 130 million active users per month
  • Every day there are approximately 45 million photos being uploaded and shared to the network or more than 5 million uploads per hour
  • Every second there are about 1000 comments to the photos
  • Every second the network receives more or less 8500 likes from Instagram fans
  • Every day there are 1 billion likes
  • There are more females at 16% of the total net users compared to males that comprised only 10% of the overall web users
  • The network is dominated by users aged 18 years to 29 years old
  • Brand accounts have shared 98% of their uploaded photos in Instagram to Facebook
  • 59% of the Instagram photos of brands were tweeted to Twitter
  • Among the brands in the network 41% of them have posted at least one photo every week

There are a lot of takeaway lessons from the above statistical data. One of them is the massive amount of likes and comments that Pinterest get every day. Relying solely on social likes as your sole engagement activity will not make you competitive in a field where the competition is stiff. Likewise, commenting alone is not enough to boost your marketing, unless you have unique commenting techniques.

Thus, when inserting comments on photos, you have to also make sure that your comments are valuable enough for the readers to motivate them to become your fans. Based on the above statistics, here are a few engagement techniques that can help you attract more fans in Instagram.

Get More Instagram Fans Using these Social Engagement Techniques

Focus on Quality

There are numerous metrics on quality. But you should focus more on uniqueness, creativity, and the subject of the images that you are going to share. It would be hard for people to like a photo that is totally inferior in quality. But liking an image with striking beauty and utmost uniqueness will come flawless and quick.

Give Helpful Comments

Comments are among the most powerful social drivers. It is more effective than like and it is highly beneficial to relationship building with prospects and customers; they can enhance your reputation, as well. A genuine Instagram like is founded by several factors that include quality of the photo. Social likes will just pop out the moment the users are awed and inspired by the image quality.

You can hear stories of marketers failing to get enough followers to achieve traction even if they regularly post comments. This is nothing new because this is quite common today. Those who failed simply missed the important ingredient in commenting and their comments were redundant.  Comments like ‘nice,’ ‘beautiful,’ ‘amazing,’ and so on, may be well-appreciated by the uploaders, they are non-effectual in getting fans.

What makes people to start following you is trust. When they start to trust you for your insightful comments, following you will not be hard at all. Therefore, don’t just drop one or two-word comments; instead expand your thoughts and express out your opinion. Give some tips or add suggestions and your comments will become magnets to fans.

Use Hashtags

Keyword is to search engine optimization while hash tag is to Instagram. This is sufficient enough to impart the importance of hash tag in Instagram marketing. If you are a smart Instagram user, you should only follow those who have similar interest with yours. Otherwise, your timeline will be flooded with photos that are redundant to you.

By inserting hash tags to your shared images, users searching for specific images can quickly find your posts. When they find out that most of your photos are interesting to them, they will start to follow you. Hash tags will further aid you in positioning your photos to the right audience.

Use Online Tools

In the battlefield, aside from having smart tactics, your weapons can greatly affect your chances of winning the battle. Fully equipped soldiers definitely have tremendous advantage over ill-equipped troops. No matter how genius your military strategies are if your troops are only equipped with M-16 rifles and they are fighting an army fully-armed with high-power machine guns, mortars, artillery canyons, and tanks, your chances of winning the battle is nil.

The same is true in social media marketing using Instagram. The network is filled with many seasoned marketers and highly successful businesses. Many of them are not on their own working on the campaign. Some accounts are managed by teams of social media experts fully equipped with state-of-the-art tools to boost their internet marketing campaign.

If you are not using Instagram tools at all, you are definitely of the league and you will be out-classed by your strong competitors. Therefore, take advantage of the available resources online. There are many Instagram tools that can aid you in marketing your products, and in making your photos truly amazing enough to standout from the pack.

Takeaway Message

You can add two or more strategies to boost your campaign. Regardless of what techniques you are using, nothing beats smart social engagement when it comes to capturing Instagram fans. This will not only attract genuine fans but highly targeted prospects, as well.

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