The Benefits of .edu and .gov Backlinks and How to Obtain Such Referrals

manual submission serviceGetting high-quality backlinks that point from .gov and .edu websites towards your company site or money page is an efficient, lucrative way to improve the page ranking of your site.

While search engine optimization must start with on-page optimization, that is, you need to have relevant, informative content on your site and you must structure the site itself to make it easy for your visitors to find what they are looking for, having a great, attractive website must be showcased as best as possible, and .edu or .gov backlinks do exactly that.

The number and the quality of the backlinks a website is getting are used by search engines to define the position of the website on search engine results pages, so the more quality backlinks your site has, the quicker it advances in SERPs. Edu and .gov backlinks are seen as the highest quality onrs, so evidently the more backlinks of these two types you get, the better for your website visibility.

The value of these backlinks comes mainly from the difficulty of obtaining them. Domains using the .gov or the .edu extensions belong to educational institutions or to government organizations, so getting a referral from one of these sites will obviously boost the page ranking of your site as well – many experts say that having one .edu or .gov backlinks values as much as at least 10 .com backlinks.

How to Generate .edu and .gov Backlinks

However difficult it seems to obtain such backlinks, with quality content, nothing is impossible. If you are looking for ways to get a .gov backlink, you need to find a government agency that offers the possibility to add articles or to publish your own content of some other type.

There are numerous agencies that have blogs and forums on their websites, making it possible for you to leave a comment. However, the comments posted on these sites undergo the most serious evaluation and scrutiny and they will be deleted if they fail to provide content of the right quality.

You can post many different types of materials on these websites. You can write articles of interest, and visual materials like videos or infographics are just as good, provided that they are of the right value and you find a site that allows for publishing that specific type of materials.

If your main field of activity as a company is selling engine oils, you can visit the website of a government agency in the field of environment protection to see if there is a forum on the site and if you can relate to it in any way. You can start publishing articles about how modern oils make it possible to reduce environment pollution or how they make engine performance more efficient, reducing the wear and tear of moving parts.

If you cannot find a suitable topic on any of the sites operated by your country’s government agencies to publish articles or place comments on, you can check websites run by agencies from other countries – all of these sites use the .gov extension and backlinks are not evaluated based on country-specific features, so they are just as good for effective article marketing as websites from your own country.

You can obtain .edu backlinks for your site in a way similar to .gov backlinks. .edu links are somewhat easier to obtain for the simple reason that the world of science provides more possibilities to create valuable, accepted materials than the world of government agencies.

Sticking to the example of selling engine oils, you can search for a website operated by a university and write something about the modern formulation of engine oils and the latest advancements in oil manufacturing. If you cannot find any forums to publish your content on, you can try to find a site operated by an institution from a foreign country, just like in the case of .gov backlinks.

Hiring Professionals to Generate Your .Gov and .Edu Backlinks

Search engine optimization companies usually provide .gov and .edu backlinking services as well. Many of these companies can provide customized article writing and submission services as well and they have their own resources to create those high-quality backlinks for you. If you decide to hire professionals to take care of your high-profile backlinking campaign, you must go for a manual submission service, because .gov and .edu sites have a way of detecting automatic submissions and you risk wasting your efforts.

Using .edu and .gov backlinks for purposes of SEO is a difficult, but extremely rewarding method. If the website you are promoting is also of high-quality and the content you publish on high-ranking sites are intriguing, well-formulated and interesting, you will soon see your site among the first search engine results for numerous keywords.

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