The Importance Of Your Website Alexa Rank To Your SERP Rank

alexa rank in the serpsWhat is Alexa

Alexa is a website owned by Amazon that is that is used by the online community extensively as a reliable arbiter of a website’s relative value. It has been around for many years and the data it provides has become a key source of reference when measuring the merits and online reputation of websites. So, if you want to know what is Alexa traffic rank and its impact on every site, then it is best to define it first and understand its importance.

Alexa is one of the top online statistics engines that keep a huge database of all websites, ranking each site according to its relative popularity based on several parameters like numbers of unique visitors and page views.

The ranking system of Alexa even takes into account the geographic ranking aspect of the sites. It ranks websites based on popularity in different countries. Thus, the system gives webmasters relevant data on which country the sites rank well, thereby allowing them to shift the main focus of their promotion to areas where their websites are popular.

How accurate is Alexa Traffic Rank?

There are many arguments on the accuracy of the ranking system of Alexa. Several flaws were found that make the data less accurate. The ranking system is somewhat bias, favoring websites where the Alexa toolbar is installed. The toolbar is the medium used by Alexa when checking the flow of traffic to the site, as well as the page views and other data.

Thus, only those who know about Alexa and installed the toolbar can enjoy the benefit of getting better Alexa traffic rank. These groups of people are usually composed of veteran webmasters and SEO experts, including those who are aware of the benefits of using the Alexa toolbar. Despite this issue, webmasters and online entrepreneurs, nevertheless, use Alexa in many aspects of their online activities and business transactions.

Importance of Alexa Traffic Rank

The traffic ranking system of Alexa is of great importance in many online aspects. It is widely used in assessing traffic to the site, which is vital in buying and selling of websites. A lot of online entrepreneurs and marketers can notably benefit from it when deciding to place ads, or when buying a commercial web space.

Many website owners also use the Alexa traffic rank of the site when planning to rent a space in their websites for ads placement offer to internet marketers; and the rank greatly affects the value of the site when it is time to flip it for money.

Another important benefit of having high Alexa traffic rank is significant increased page rank of the site among top search engines. Google takes into account the Alexa traffic rank as part of its ranking algorithms, thereby further enhancing the search engine optimization of websites. This will eventually lead to upsurge of organic traffic when the site lands at the top of search engine result pages.

It is similarly important to keep in mind that having huge numbers of visitors will not always mean more sales and higher income. You still need to establish good credibility among your site visitors in order to get good sales. But if your Alexa rank is high, your site will be perceived as an authority site that is well-respected by many users, thereby increasing the conversion rate for better income and more profits.

Top 12 Sites with Highest Alexa Ranks

Alexa ranks millions of websites all over the world. It also keeps various lists of top sites that rank well in their system. It has a list of the top 500 websites according to rank, and some of the top ranking sites in Alexa are as follows:


Aside from the above list, there are thousands of sites with high Alexa rank, which you can use to build good quality backlinks to your site. Getting links from sites with high ranking from Alexa will give your search engine optimization an added boost.

Tips for Increasing your Alexa Rank

There are many ways to improve your Alexa traffic rank and start enjoying its numerous benefits. The following are some of the best techniques that you can start implementing to achieve better Alexa traffic rank:

  • Verify your ownership of the website at Alexa and create the toolbar
  • Add Alexa rank widget in your blog or site
  • Invite others to use the Alexa toolbar
  • Get reviews for your Alexa site profile
  • Use the Alexa site redirects in the URL of your site
  • Write a blog that talks about Alexa
  • Expand the exposure of your site in various online resources like forums where there are most likely many Alexa toolbar users
  • Make use of your most popular post by optimizing it

The task of improving the Alexa traffic rank may be quite tedious that requires a lot of time and efforts, but the benefits that you shall get are definitely worth all the efforts and investment if you are planning to outsource the task.

Despite the inaccurate system of ranking that favors the users of the Alexa toolbars, there is still value and awesome benefits in attaining high Alexa traffic rank. As Aaron Wall of Seobook said, “It is not that Alexa is the number one service available, but they do provide one of the better services while being free… their traffic rank is popular because it has been around, and it is well referenced.”

While there are other services that compete well with Alexa and even provide better services, the huge user-database of Alexa compels others to follow suit and use its ranking system as a benchmark in various online business activities and transactions.

The journey of your site to the top search engine result pages is going to be tough. There are several parameters to consider, and one of them is the Alexa rank. You can definitely get ahead of your competitors if your rank with Alexa is higher; this can improve the page ranking of your site among search engines as well. Thus, regularly check your Alexa rank and monitor the progress of your site.

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