Tools of the Trade – Backlink Checkers

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backlinks checkersBusiness owners with websites that promote their products and services want as much exposure as they can get in order to secure more sales. Blog owners want the maximum number of visitors to their site in order to gain popularity. Backlinks are necessary connections that link a particular website to another, and they are incredibly useful in generating online traffic and raising a site’s rank in Google. They are incredibly useful assets that every marketed website should have.

Backlinks are obtained through article writing, search engine optimization techniques and blog posts. Sometimes they are traded through a link exchange. However quality backlinks are obtained, it can become confusing and difficult to keep track of and manage them, especially when there are hundreds of them. Backlinks can also be removed. This is where a backlink checker comes in handy. It will show every link that brought web traffic to a particular website. It will also let a site owner know if their backlinks have been removed. There are many checkers available, and some of them are free while others are not.

A backlink checker is one of the most important tools in a webmaster’s bag of tricks. When backlinks are managed correctly, website traffic and exposure will increase, inevitably creating more organic traffic for the site in the long run. Because these backlinks are so valuable and take time and effort to create, they need to be monitored and kept up to date to ensure their effectiveness.

There are many different types of backlink checkers available. In fact, the variety is staggering. There are free checkers that can be found online, and there are software programs that come with a monetary cost. As with most free things, a backlink checker that costs you nothing will not be as thorough and productive as one that is paid for. Free checkers include any search engine on the web, such as Yahoo! and Google.

From each major search engine, one can check the backlinks to their site fairly quickly and easily. To look at backlinks in Google all that is needed is the web address of the site that requires checking. Simply type “links:” and then the URL domain name of the site. Many links will be displayed, but unfortunately not all of these are backlinks.


Yahoo! Site Explorer reports specific information like domains and the specific pages that led to a particular site. Simply explore the URL by typing it in, and details such as the number of pages is indexed as well as the pages have been linked to the site. A site report can show how much of the entire site, including the inner pages, have backlinks, giving an overview of the site.

There are tutorials that can be found online about how to view backlinks for every major search engine. There are even numerous videos on the web with step-by-step instructions that show how to check backlinks. There are different reports available, such as summaries of all the pages that have been linked to a site, which is a beneficial when assessing the performance of your article marketing for increased traffic. Each linked page can be checked individually for details. The linking page could be from a blog post or marketing article, and these details can be seen on a backlink checker report. One can get any information they want to know about where their organic traffic is coming from.

One can find numerous backlink checkers for purchase online. It is best that a website owner shop around to find the best one to fit their needs at a reasonable price. Sometimes a checker can be downloaded as a free trial version, but once the trial is over a purchase must be made for the software to continue to work. Features of these checkers include daily monitoring and guarding, as well as more refined reports.

One benefit of paying for a backlink checker program is the option that a site’s backlinks can be checked daily and guarded constantly. The most valuable backlinks that generate the most traffic will not be removed when using these options. If there is any change in the status of the backlink such as its disappearance, the website owner is alerted immediately. This is an awesome tool that will ensure that a site’s top backlinks will effectively bring the most visitors and highest Google rankings.

A backlink checker is a must have for anyone attempting to increase their organic web traffic. It is also highly recommended to use and/or purchase one to ensure that successful inbound links remain intact and are not removed. Taking the time to optimize web exposure by using a backlink checker is one the smartest maintenance actions that can be taken by a website owner. These tools can help overall statistics in order to improve websites.