Use Page Ranking Tools to Measure the Performance of Your Website

page ranking algorithmTo help you monitor your search engine optimization and marketing campaigns, many page ranking tools have been developed and are now available on the Internet. You can use them, as most of them are freeware, and monitor the way your efforts turn into better results for your website. Such tools are made to help you optimize your website in order to place it higher in the search engines’ results pages.

The recent changes that Google made in its page ranking algorithm have revolutionized the way websites were evaluated. Google’s intention was, clearly, to eliminate, as much as possible, phenomena like spamming and creation of unnatural links. The five major changes in the evaluation algorithm have, however, something in common, and that element is optimized content.

Changes in Google’s Page Ranking Algorithm

These changes prove that optimizing the content of a website as a marketing strategy and making it relevant in social networking is the key to better ranking in organic search results. The production and distribution of relevant, optimized, fresh content are encouraged by the new algorithm.

The changes are, chronologically, related to:

• Social signals – Google and Bing encourage the presence of social signals in their algorithms, because social media and networking are about relationships, and this is relevant for organic searches; behind the social dimension, backlinks continue to play a major role in determining the relevance of a website;

• Unnatural backlinks – the Panda updates are meant to eliminate link farms and spamming backlinking strategies, by valuing fresh content for websites;

• Google +1 button – meant to allow the visitors of a site to click on it each time they consider that the content of that site is really good;

• The Freshness update – encouraging fresh and timely content like blog posts, press releases, news and events, with the declared goal of evaluating fresh content as more relevant;

• SPYW (Search Plus Your World) – your published content in Google’s social network (Google +) can easily be found by other people who are members of your Circles, as a response to Facebook and Twitter.

All these changes will result in continuously updated content of the websites if their owners want to improve, or at least keep, their web page ranking untouched. This means that you, as the owner of a website, will have to write fresh content quite often, or hire a professional content writer to help you manage this difficult task. Since the social factor has become so important when it comes to website page ranking, you will also have to consider strategies that could make your website active in the social networks.

Get Optimized Content for Your Site

To have your website content optimized, doing it yourself is the best option, because you know exactly what you want to express through this content. You can do it on one condition: to have the necessary skills and enough time available. If you cannot manage to deliver adequate content that could improve page ranking, the other option is to use one of the website content writing services  available on the Internet.

Such services provide:

• Unique, original content written for your business particularly;

• On time delivery of the content;

• Qualified advice on your business issues;

• Full satisfaction guarantee.

The main advantage of hiring a professional content writing service  is that they are experienced with such tasks and have the knowledge to write good content that meets the latest requirements of the search engines.

A SEO Page Ranking Tool Can Reveal the Weak Points

Plenty of such tools have been imagined by SEO experts, and they can all give you useful information about several parameters that can influence the evolution of your website. You can then identify the weak points of your strategy and make the changes where and when they are necessary.

The information that such reporting tools may provide includes:

• The age of your site;

• The anchor text of your inbound links;

• The use of keywords in your titles;

• The keyword use in the content text;

• The use of keywords in h1 tags;

• The use of keywords in domain name and url;

• The global popularity of the links in your site.

By using this information, you will be able to adjust your search engine optimization and marketing campaigns and make them more effective.

Do not forget that the content of your website is the key to better ranking with the search engines. Make it attractive, think about what you may bring new tomorrow, improve it continuously, and make a competitive advantage out of it.

When you have a marketing campaign aiming to provide your website with a better position in the search engines results pages, remember that a number of page ranking tools can help you keep track of how your campaign works.

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