What is Google PageRank and Why Does It Do?

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the importance of google site ranking

You may have already heard of Google PageRank.  You may have seen the term referenced a lot as you tried to expand your online content or simply want to know how well your website is currently performing when it comes to traffic, conversion, advertising and overall popularity.  While it is very true that you should strive to find out more about the expanding world of SEO and learn how to focus on key SEO practices and tips that can get you to the first page of Google search results much sooner than you might think, it is of the utmost importance for you to clearly understand what Google PageRank is and how PageRank can help you to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your company’s online marketing strategy.

Understanding the Background

Whether you are an amateur computer user, beginning website designer or an expert and educated computer scientist, most people are eagerly searching for opportunities when they can take full advantage of innovative methods and techniques that they can use in order to optimize every single line of code that they are able to develop.  From basic print statements to intricate loops, technically savvy people strive to make sure that they are fully executing a wide range of different functions as quickly as possible in addition to eliminating unnecessary data and input throughout the journey.

Regardless of how much or how little they may know technically, users are able to preach the same exact mantra and motto – find the quickest way to retrieve the most up-to-date and relevant information.  This overall concept has been manifested through the wonderful world of search engine optimization (which is primarily referred to as SEO) in order for search engines to display the results that are the most relevant to the average search that a user may conduct.  Google PageRank is an essential website valuation tool that has been used since the original inception of Google in order to display and rank top search results by individual query.  You should definitely strive to figure out just how Google PageRank works and why you should take it seriously.

The Power of Google

Google has been able to always make the final decision when it comes to determining the specific pages that have been able to maintain the first-class, top-notch PageRank are primarily based on a number of different factors. One of the most important factors is the quantity and quality of the links that are heading directly into the actual page over time, especially since it is going to indicate exactly how simple it is for many other consumers to easily access the webpage as well when heading from other pages in addition to implying that the actual page is able to generate a high level of traffic.

Why are outgoing links so valuable in the first place?  These links are seriously considered since they are able to indicate exactly how connected your page has become over time based on the pages to which it has already been linked. These outgoing links will also help to prove the overall validity of the actual page based on each of the other pages to which they are being linked.


The Value of the PageRank Algorithm

Do not make the mistake of thinking that your Google PageRank today is going to remain the same over time, because it simply is not going to do that all. Your PageRank is based on an algorithm that is constantly being changed with new variations and formula directly by Google to make sure that they are updated and current.

Therefore, instead of making long-term plans when it comes to this particular form of SEO marketing and branding online, you need to always consider it as being simply a temporary checkpoint that can be used to give you a clear understanding of what is going on today.  The PageRank algorithm is continuously being changed over and over again, periodically throughout the year and is routinely changed on a regular basis ever since Google was established.

Therefore, when you see PageRank figures that are being reflected on the Developer Toolbar of Google, do not be too quick to get your hopes up.  It can be very exciting to see a high number reflected within the Developer Toolbar of Google, but you need to take a very important point into consideration before you get too excited. That point is that these figures are absolutely static in nature; they are not able to represent the overall dynamic nature of each of the values that are being actively used within the world of Google in general.

Analyzing the Value of the PageRank’s Metric

Now that you understand a little bit more about Google’s PageRank, the background behind it as well as the overall world of SEO practices and effective SEO Marketing in general, the next step is to work towards determining the value of its metric and exactly how it fits into the grand scheme of things overall.  One of the most important points that you have to take into consideration is that this – computers simply do not have the level of power that is required in order to fully extract the information that is needed from websites while they are also loading.

While doing so, Google will never have a single method at their disposal to compare the actual words and phrases that are found within a single webpage to their corresponding databases that are filled with information that can be used in order to check and confirm the validity of that page.

Is The PageRank the Only Metric?

Just because a lot of people seem to put this particular metric on a major pedestal above so many other choices and metrics that is a major mistake that should never be committed. You have to remember that this is only one of out of nearly two hundred different metrics that Google will use in order to generate the data that it needs to complete its search results.  Make sure, then, that you cater to PageRank metrics in general but never to the extent that you will start to erode your website traffic, sales and overall conversion rates as well.