Where to Conduct Domain Registration Lookup

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domain registration lookup

A domain registration lookup can help avert copyright infringement issues. There are many names that are trademarked and copyrighted, and registering these names using any top-level domain could end up in trouble. That is why webmasters are highly encouraged to conduct a lookup first prior to the registration. The first step to do is to go first to one of the places that let you do the search. While there are many online tools that you can use, here are three top tools that work best for many webmasters and domain hunters alike. What’s more! These tools are free to use, and you can use them any time you want as you please.


This is, perhaps, the most popular domain search tool that is widely used across the globe. When it comes to domain registration search and lookup, WhoIs will normally pops up in the minds of millions of worldwide users. There are many valuable pieces of information that you can obtain from this tool. They can reveal the owner of the domain, its address and contact details, and other personal details.

However, not all domains reveal such information since many domain registrars nowadays are offering privacy services at added costs to domain owners that let them preserve their privacy by concealing the personal details of the owners for reason purposes.

Due to the immense popularity of WhoIs, many computers are using the name causing confusion among many users on which site to go to. Examples of the sites are Who.is, whois.net, whois.org, and whois.com, among others. But among the aforementioned names, who.is is the better tool because the results are more detailed compared to the rest.

The results from a domain registration lookup will yield vital website information that includes but not limited to the name owner, date of registration, expiry date, and other website information like the IP address. Such details are not made available by other tools. Therefore, this is a highly recommended tool to start your search.


Who.is is not only used by many for investigative purposes but it is also used to determine the availability of the same domain name but under different top level domains. In any case, this is a highly recommended site to use for your lookup.

Domain Name Registrars

Also good places to go to are the domain name registrars such as name.com. GoDaddy, and HostGator,  just to name a few. These registrars are not the best places to register domains and to conduct the domain registration but they are also offering other related services that include webhosting. Looking up the domain registration in these places are easier to do, and you can also immediately register the domain name once it is available. But unlike WhoIs, the information provided for by these registrars are usually limited.


Aside from the above tools, various third-party tools are now available today. As a matter of fact, some websites are offering a domain name search in their web pages as an added service to their visitors. However, when it comes to depth and accuracy of the results, nothing seems to be at par with who.is, which is after all the most common domain registration tool for webmasters and blog owners alike.

Unlike others that only provide basic information, whois gives out a lot of details, thereby making it useful in many ways. Which is why this is a preferred tool to use because people think whois as a one-stop tool for domain registration lookup. Obviously, no one can stop you from using other tools. But you are better off using the common where people go to if they want to know more about a domain.