5 Ways to Achieve Success in Facebook Marketing

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facebook marketingFacebook marketing is one of the best methods to promote your business online. This strategy is not only used by small to medium-size blogs and web stores but even the top corporations under the Fortune 500 are implementing various forms of promotion in Facebook to capture more targeted leads.
Facebook today has achieved a new milestone by having more than a billion subscribers; about half a billion of them are logging on to the network every day. It is, no doubt, a treasure chest of prospects with great potential to buy products recommended by friends and by people that they follow. So if you are initiating a marketing campaign, make sure to include Facebook marketing as part of your techniques to get more web traffic to your website.

However, marketing in Facebook does not automatically guarantee success in leads generation. You need to have an effective system in place to make it work. While success can be obtained using the free methods, going for paid techniques will speed up the attainment of your business goals.

So if you can set aside a couple of bucks for investment, then do so because you definitely need to invest on advertising to get a boost in sales. A combination of paid and free marketing strategies will certainly give you a very remarkable edge over other marketers using only the free methods.

How to Succeed in Facebook Marketing

Set a Goal and Formulate a Marketing Plan

Many marketers failed because they immediately jump to the promotion stage without first setting their goals. It is like speeding up driving your car without knowing where to go to. Obviously, you will end up in nowhere.

Thus, before anything else you must first list down your goals and your objectives. Set a target. You must target a certain number of hits using this method of marketing. You can set it at 2000 per month on the firsts three months, then 5000 monthly hits on the succeeding months. Whatever it is set a goal that is achievable and not something that is quite impossible under the current condition and financial situation.

Create a Facebook Fan Page

The Facebook page is an important component of FB marketing. Every business embarking on this method of promotion should have one. The page will not only serve as a major referral platform, but it can also help you establish business relationship with your followers and build a respectable image in the online community.

You can easily close sales if you know your customers pretty well, and if they too have learned to trust in you. You will build trust among your followers as you keep on interacting with them by asking a couple of questions, and answering to their queries as well.

Creating a powerful Facebook page is quite easy. You can also opt to outsource the task to an expert in this field at Fivver, which will cost you only $5 in investment. Having an impressive page is not a guarantee of success. You will still need to constantly update the page on regular basis to give your followers more reasons to come back as often as they want.

Get More Fans and Start Engaging the Online Customer

While one of the pillars of Facebook marketing success is getting more fans, it is not enough just to have thousands of fans. What really matters most is having fans that truly engage in healthy discussions with other members in your network.

Active engagement is crucial to success in social media marketing; so, get you fans to actively engage in your Facebook page. There are many ways to do this. One is to offer freebies and perks to your followers in return for some feedback. Sooner you will see an increase of friendly discussions that will eventually lead to some sales.


Another way to promote active engagement among your followers is to pump out fresh informative contents as oftentimes as possible. People will go back to your page more often to check your regular updates. Aside from that, breaking news will also move fans to post their comments, thereby igniting healthy discussions.

Advertise in Facebook

Facebook has a very effective advertising platform that allows you to target your audience with utmost precision, consequently leading to boost in sales and profits. According to some studies, many businesses have seen sudden jump in sales after placing Facebook ads due to effective targeting of the right market segment. You can target your leads according to interests, age group, and demographics among others.

One case study showed that a wedding photography business invested about $600 in Facebook ads and generated close to $40,000 in revenues as result of the advertising. This only show how powerful Facebook advertising is, given that the campaign is also properly implemented.

Get More Facebook Likes

Don’t wait for people to ‘like’ your FB page, ask them to ‘Like’ it. This is one of the things that separate a successful marketer from those who failed to make it big in Facebook marketing. Many marketers simply wait for their fans and readers to ‘like’ their pages, while successful ones think out of the box and gain better control of the campaign by initiating the move for people to start liking their pages.

There are several techniques of doing this. One of them is to organize a competition with some exciting prizes. You can also give free software or a free ebook that requires a person to like your page first before gaining access to the product. There are programs or software that allows you to do this; so, be creative in your ideas.

Based on statistics, Facebook receives a total of 2.7 billion likes per day from 31% of the more than 850 million FB members that check in every day for an average of 20 minutes. Even if you get less than 1% of the total FB daily likes, it is already equivalent to hundreds of ‘FB likes’ per day. This is enough to make a significant difference in your marketing success.

Take note that FB likes are somewhat equivalent to recommendations or referrals, which is a powerful method of marketing with great potential to end up in sales. Friends of those who liked your page will more likely to trust your blog since it is recommended by someone whom they trust as well.

Aside from that, likes also create valuable backlinks to your web pages. This will further improve the search engine ranking of your online shop. In this method, you are actually hitting two birds with just one stone. You will enjoy more marketing benefits by just asking people to like your business page.

Facebook marketing is not at all hard to do. In fact, it is very enjoyable if you love to interact with people. This campaign will not only help you get sufficient amount of visitors, but it will also help you build your online reputation while at the same time establish better rapport with your customers and prospects.

A lot of marketers, from small businessmen to large corporations, have already implemented various forms of Facebook marketing, and still continue to conduct the campaign to-date, while others are yet to achieve success in Facebook marketing. You should have all the more reasons to do so to increase the web traffic to your website.