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alexa traffic boosterGetting an Alexa traffic booster may be just the thing you need to increase your search engine rank.  The Alexa ranking system is one of the most important factors concerning your search engine ranking, but improving your number there can be very difficult.

Alexa only takes information from certain users into account, and working with their system can be hard for new users that don’t have the proper contacts to improve their ranking. Find out how to improve your rank there, and why Alexa is just so important.


Alexa and Search Engines

Alexa has a large impact on search engines. Most search engines take about 200 factors into account when ranking websites, but only a few make a large impact on your site’s ranking. Websites with high Alexa rankings tend to have much better search engine rankings.

This is because the Alexa ranking is a trusted metric that details how reputable your website is. The ranking is based on number of backlinks, website loading speed and overall traffic. If your website is able to score highly with Alexa, then you will typically be able to capture more organic traffic for your website.

Not only that, but building up a website with good Alexa rank can be difficult. For example, a website with the Alexa rank of 10,000 will be easier to market than one at 12,000. Even if the two websites create the same backlinks from the same websites, the 10,000 one will feel the effects more.


Alexa and Advertisements

Alexa is also important because it affects your advertisements. This is especially true with AdSense, but it also affects most other advertising networks. When people bid on PPC ads, they rarely bid the same amount. One person may bid $10 for a click while another bids $3 for the same keyword.

The amount that a business bids determines the exposure that the ad gets. People that bid the most are put in the top ad, but those who bid less are put in the bottom. At the same time, that doesn’t mean that your top ad box with have the $10 ad.

Alexa is used to properly distribute these ads. A popular website is usually considered to be a better source of traffic, so that website will get most of the larger bids. A smaller website with a poor Alexa rank will normally get the lower paying ads.

To make the most per click, you need to have a good Alexa ranking so that your website is trusted.


Raising Alexa Rank

Improving your Alexa rank isn’t quite as simple as improving your search engine rank. It’s normally rather easy to work with the Alexa ranking mechanisms, but there is one thing that makes it harder. Alexa mostly gathers information from its toolbar. If someone visits your website without using their toolbar, then the information will be highly discounted.

Actually, until 2008, Alexa didn’t even consider information from users that didn’t have their toolbar. Even now, the information gathered is minimal and not nearly as powerful as information from someone that has their toolbar.

Before getting into how to get Alexa-specific traffic, you should understand the factors that affect Alexa.

Overall traffic is considered when ranking your website. The more traffic you get, then the higher your Alexa rank will be. This technically includes all traffic, but people using their toolbar will matter the most. Domestic traffic is also usually the most important, as Alexa doesn’t value international traffic quite as highly.


The second factor is reach. Reach is the percentage of Internet users who have visited your website, and it is based on the total amount of users. A 100 reach means that 100% of all users visited your website. Improving your reach is harder than improving your traffic because you need unique views for better reach. Getting 1,000 views from one or two people won’t do as much for your reach as 1,000 unique views.

Reputation is the number of backlinks you have. This number increases whenever you get a new backlink, but Alexa seems to count backlinks from unique domains more than backlinks from the same domain. Alexa sometimes doesn’t list numerous backlinks from one domain, so work on making a linking profile that is full of different domains.

Last is page loading speed. This is perhaps the least important Alexa figure, but it is also one of the easiest to improve. Just minimize your website’s footprint by removing graphics and any other memory-heavy files that make it harder to load.


The Difficulties of Alexa Boosting

Here is where it gets difficult. As stated above, Alexa really only counts information from their toolbar users. Ensuring that Alexa toolbar users come to your website is practically impossible by normal means.

You can try to build a network of Alexa users, but finding them amongst the crowd of other common Internet users isn’t exactly easy. You can also ask people to download the Alexa toolbar before coming back to your website, but that rarely works.

You could also market your website to people who are likely to use the Alexa toolbar, but this isn’t always effective. Internet marketers, SEOs and tech-savvy people are more likely to have this toolbar. That’s great if you are in this niche, but it doesn’t do much if you are in different one.

Despite the difficulty, the only way to really improve your Alexa ranking is by finding these people. You can ask around and beg Alexa users to come to your website, but there is something else you can do which is much more effective.


Buying Traffic

The best thing you can do is buy Alexa traffic from traffic sellers. These sellers already have a large network of toolbar users established and setup, so you don’t have to worry about finding these people and begging them to visit your website.

Buying traffic is also cheaper than using most other marketing methods. Most traffic sellers will charge about $0.02 per visitor or less, and this also increases your general traffic rating. Buying Alexa traffic has two main benefits.

First of all, the influx of Alexa users will dramatically improve your Alexa ranking. This is the exact activity that Alexa wants to see, so it will really help your website.

Second, the traffic will be just like normal traffic. You might be able to make some sales from these people, and it will boost your website’s general popularity.



Alexa traffic is incredibly important. It improves your Internet marketing efficiency, increases the strength of backlinks and it also helps you get more money from most advertising networks because your website is more trusted.

However, getting Alexa traffic to boost your ranking can be difficult. The vast majority of users don’t have the toolbar installed, and general traffic does very little to improve your rank. You need to get Alexa-specific traffic for the best effect.


You can search out the specific traffic, but that is very difficult, especially if you are outside of the common user niches. However, you can bypass all that by buying Alexa traffic. This is the easiest and fastest way to improve your Alexa rank, and this will really help your website dominate the search engines.