Apply Correct Strategies to Reach 1st Page Ranking Level

page one rankingReaching 1st page ranking in Google search is a goal that many website owners do not even dare to dream of. However, if you apply search engine optimization and search engine marketing strategies the right way, being on the first search engine results page becomes possible. Sure, it will not happen instantly, because a lot of work is involved, as well as many other resources, but if you have enough patience, your dream can turn into reality.

Is “How Many” Enough to Get Page One Ranking?

Roughly speaking, one of the most important factors that determine your ascension to the top of the mountain is how many backlinks to your site you can collect. But, quantity does not mean everything, quality is even more important.

According to this last observation, it is not “how many”, but “how many high pagerank backlinks” you get that really counts. There are multiple SEO page ranking improvement procedures, which help you build valuable backlinks that point to your site.

Types of Backlinks That Lead You to First Page Ranking in Google

The following types of links bring more or less value to your website, according to the rank of the sites where they reside:

• Authority backlinks – generated from sites with high page rank, generally above 5, and high traffic, usually government and educational sites (with .gov and .edu extensions), renowned for their serious profiles;

• Inbound backlinks – pointing to your web properties, which, in exchange, point back to your website;

• One way backlinks – are links from other web properties to your website;

Do follow backlinks – a powerful type of links, that allow higher ranked websites to pass some of their power to other sites, by pointing to them;

• No follow backlinks – are the opposite of the previous type, not as powerful, but still an important instrument in the SEO strategy;

• Reciprocal backlinks – links between different websites or web properties, meant to help both parties to get more traffic and improve page ranking – generally disagreed by the search engines, because they seem to draw traffic artificially.

A Few Ways to Build Links to Your Site

You have to learn how to build links if you are on the road that leads to page one ranking in Google. A variety of methods allows you to build useful links to your site, which will help you to get more traffic and be more visible to the crawlers of the search engines. Here are some of them:

• Article writing, submission and marketing – articles written on topics related to your website’s profile, using adequate keywords and pointing to your site; when you submit these articles to article directories, be careful to avoid flagged directories that could hurt your link portfolio;

• Links from forums and blogs – you can create your own blogs and forums and post there links to the website that you want to promote – a great way to create inbound links to your site;

• Use of press release, news wire and media outlet sites – press releases, announcements, news stories, all written in a standard format, are submitted to mainstream media channels and outlets;

• Social link building – implies creating accounts on social media networks and inserting backlinks in your profile information;

• Video creation and submission to video website directories, as well as video search engines like youtube or metacafe, well tagged with keywords and backlinks that will help the search engines to index the content.

The techniques will vary according to the profile of each website and business and to the actual characteristics of the market, location and competition. As it takes a longer time these days for the crawlers of the search engines to scan the websites and to update their indexes for the new keyword placements and rankings, it means that the sooner you start creating your diversified profile including backlinks the better for your business.

SEO page ranking procedures teach you the most adequate link building techniques that you can use to ameliorate your website’s position in Google search results pages. These are techniques that the masters of SEO themselves apply.

As much as you want fast results from these techniques, do not forget that it takes time to see steady results. Also, remember that the SEO techniques have to be applied constantly and in successive iterations, considering the results and searching for new keywords and changed content if necessary. Even if you acquire a high page ranking, you cannot just forget your website in that situation, because your competitors are waiting for any opportunity to overtake you.

To get 1st page ranking of your site in Google, you need to work hard and constantly or, better yet, to let a specialized SEO company to do it for you and handle the numerous and difficult tasks necessary to reach this objective.

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