Benefits Of Email Marketing

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personalized email marketingNiche-Targeted Email marketing is one of the strongest online marketing methods out there, especially if you build an opt in targeted email list. The benefits are huge, and you normally don’t need to do that much to get a good list going. Lists also give you the chance to continuously make money from your customers because you will stay in constant contact with them. If you want to seriously increase the efficiency of your marketing, then you need to start a list.

Better Sales

Targeted email marketing is able to make more sales than most other methods out there. This is because you are marketing to people who are already interested in your business. These people may have just shown an interest in your company, or they may have bought something from you.

Regardless, they like something about your company, and they want to know more. Email marketing capitalizes on this by putting you in constant contact with your customers.

You also get more sales because these people are interested in your niche. It’s not like marketing to a crowded room of people who have varying interests. You are only talking to people that like what you are selling, and this means that your marketing will really stick with them.

Email Marketing is Personalized

If you have ever seen an opt-in form, then you have probably noticed that it doesn’t just ask for an email address. The form also asks for the person’s name, and this is very important. One reason why targeted email marketing works is because it is personalized.

With just a little bit of coding, you can make it so each email has the person’s name, and any other information you captured from them. People respond better to emails that are specifically targeted to them. It feels more personal, and this improves their trust in your marketing.

The point of email marketing is to build a relationship with readers, and personalizing each email makes that very easy.

Easy Sectioning

Sectioning off your email list is easy with most email services. While you can section off the list by niche, most people section their email list into buyers and people seeking free information.

If people just signed up for your email list, but they haven’t bought anything, then they stay in the free section. Marketers usually tell these people about products every now and then, but they focus more on giving away free information.

Buyers are usually more prized because they give you more money. Someone who is willing to buy from you once is more likely to buy your other products. These people are frequently emailed about products, but you should still give them free information so they don’t feel like you are just selling them products.

Sectioning your list allows you to make the most of it. This is difficult to do with a regular website, but it is easy and effective with an email list.

Higher Readership

A targeted email list has one of the highest readerships among the other internet marketing methods. One reason for this is because the people willingly signed up to your email list. They want to hear more about your company, so they will willingly open emails about discounts, new products or general information.

Second, email marketing puts the information right in front of them. Social media, article marketing and video marketing all attempt to do this, but they don’t entirely succeed. Social media is perhaps the closest, but it loses effectiveness as the user follows more people on their chosen social network.

Most people get a relatively small number of emails a day. This allows your email to shine. Coupling it with a good title can further increase your readership. Some people have had an 80% readership rate with proper titles. However, about 50-60% is more common with a targeted email list.


But, this all crumbles with an untargeted list. These lists have a very low readership, sometimes less than 1%. This is because most emails go into spam, and because there might be no interest in your marketing.

Frequent Communication

Email marketing allows you to frequently communicate with your readers. At the same time, this shouldn’t be abused. There are two schools of thought on this, and you should follow one to get the best effect.

One is to email your customers once a day. However, only one of those weekly emails is promotional. The other six are to give readers free information. This works by teaching people about things going on in your niche, and it might make them more informed about something you will be selling to them later.

The other school of thought is to send one weekly email. This email typically combines the two aspects of the above strategy. The email will include a good amount of information, and it will also promote a product or sale.

Emailing more than this can damage your business. People signed up to learn things and to get discounts. However, they aren’t interested in buying from you each and everyday. If you push your marketing too hard, then you will notice a massive number of people leaving your email list.

Find What Works

What works better? A lead in email title that causes people to become curious (“One simple tip saved how much money?”) or a straightforward title that tells someone exactly what the email is about (“Save 15% today with our summer discount”)?

Both can work, and both have been effective. However, experimenting with titles, email messages, levels of promotion and many other factors can hurt or help your marketing. So, how do you find out what works?

Email marketing technology shows you how many people opened the email, and how many people clicked any links in your email. By knowing the open rates of your emails, you can find out what works best for your specific demographic.

Making an Email List

Making an email list isn’t exactly difficult, but you will need to dedicate some time to making it work. One way to make the email list is by selling something. Have you ever noticed that online businesses ask for your information before you pay for the order?

This gives you the ability to communicate with your customers on a frequent basis. These people can also go into your buyers list because they have spent money on your business.

You can also offer something for free from your website, such as an ebook or a case study. People love learning about new things, and offering them a free ebook in exchange for their email address often works very well. You can just leave this in your website’s sidebar, and the offer will commonly convert.

The third thing you can do to make an email list is similar to the second method. You are offering a product, but you are being more active about the marketing. You will make a page that is specifically made for capturing emails. This page will typically have a detailed article that tells people why they should give you their email address.

All of these methods work, but their level of efficiency depends on your website. Ecommerce websites do best with the first, blogs and content sites are usually best with the second and general Internet marketers tend to work best with the third.


A targeted opt-in email list is perhaps one of the best ways to market to people online. While it does take a little time to setup, email marketing is known for having a better readership and higher sales numbers than with most other marketing methods.

Just add an email capture form on your website, and start getting subscribers, which is one of the unique benefits of email marketing that can help give your business the needed boost in performance.