Best Alternative to PPC Advertising

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ppc advertisingManaging a pay per click advertising is a not an easy task. You need to be knowledgeable in PPC advertising in order to achieve success. If you don’t possess enough skills, the potential consequences can be huge unless you set a limit to your campaign.

If you have enough funds, it is good to learn the techniques by conducting a series of split-tests. But if your budget is low and you can’t afford to lose your hard-earned money investing in PPC that gives you only little sales then there are other options that can maximize the returns on your investment; one of them is to simply buy PPC traffic.

While this option is deemed questionable by some marketers because of the generally low conversion rate, but if you subscribe to the right plan this will give you the best alternative to PPC advertising. Therefore, this option is not good in certain situations, but there are also scenarios that this will speed up the success of your business even if you are not an expert in paid advertising like a pay-per-click campaign.


PPC Advertising Overview

To implement a successful PPC advertising, there are a couple of important factors that you need to consider. Among them are researching for the right keyword phrases to target, targeting the correct market segment, monitoring your progress, and split-testing to align the campaign to the correct course towards your goals.

Searching for the appropriate keyword phrases is one of the crucial areas of the campaign. This is very influential in capturing the perfect audience with real interests in your product offers. If you commit a mistake in this aspect, your marketing success will be greatly affected.

Thus, it is important to give keyword research more time to spend on in order to properly position your campaign to the appropriate segment of the market that brings amazingly insane conversion.

Don’t limit your keyword research only to one phrase. You need to have a priority list of at least 5 to 10 keywords. In most cases, you will not be able to hit the perfect keyword phrase right on target at the first try. It will usually take several campaigns to find the right phrase with the maximum output.

That said you need to implement several campaigns to experience the actual results of various techniques. By analyzing the outcome in each keyword used per test-run you will be able to pinpoint the most profitable keyword phrase, which you can use in your succeeding advertisements. Consequently, proper monitoring is crucial, and you need to spend more time to oversee the progress during the entire procedure.

But if you are already well-experienced in this method of marketing, you may still do a couple of tweaks and split-tests. Having a very efficient system of implementation will make it easier for you to conduct the advertising at lesser costs and less time on your part. If you have no idea about PPC then you will definitely need more time and money to master the skills and to know the ins and outs of paid marketing using per-per-click or cost-per-action.


PPC Advertising Is Not Good for Your Business

As stated earlier, there are cases that PPC advertising is not the ideal option. In fact, this method is even bad for your business because of the potential risk. There are chances that your company’s website will be banned from the search engines. The online reputation of your business is at risk as well.

Some companies are involved in black-hat or illegitimate methods of funneling visitors to their customers’ websites. Many of them are known for sending visitors coming from the traffic-exchange networks. These networks have thousands of members consisting mostly of blog owners with one common goal, which is to get more hits to their sites like you.


Some webmasters are not financially well-off, and several are new marketers in search for various means of making money online. They are fully aware that one of the important success factors in online marketing is page views. Getting to the top pages of Google is quite difficult to do, especially if the niche is dominated by the big dogs in the industry with high PR domain fully supported by massive backlinks.

PPC is also not one of their options because of the high cost involved and the high risk to investment if not implemented right. That is why they resorted to the free means to capture leads, and one of them is to join these leads-exchange networks that can send visitors to their corresponding webpages in exchange for visiting the other members’ blogs. Usually the agreement is one blog-visit is equivalent to one visitor. Thus, the more blogs you visit the higher the page views you shall get.

While this system is effective in increasing the hits to your specific post, your conversion will not. In fact, bounce rate will also increase. This is not a good scenario because sales will rarely come in web stores with high bounce rate or with low conversion rate.

Moreover, Google frowns at blogs involved in such networks because this is a form of manipulation just to get a lot if web visitors to impress the search engine bots on the popularity of the domain. Consequently, those that are suspected of using these networks as part of their leads generation methods are given negative ranking points.

In severe cases, they are totally blacklisted from the search engine result pages. Obviously, you don’t want your domain to be a part of these black-hat methods, right? So, stay away from using the services of such firms.


PPC Advertising Is Actually Beneficial for Your Business

Not all companies will use black hat methods of sending visitors. There are also a handful of firms with highly-effective system of capturing leads and funneling them to the web-contents of their clients. Some of them will even give you high-quality organic visitors from the search engines that are known to result in good conversion rate.

These are the firms that you should be looking. The methods they using are legitimate, and the risk of being penalized by the search engines due to involvement of black hat techniques is minimal.

These genuine firms do not use malicious networks at all. They have their own networks of blogs with high Google page ranks that are enjoying high monthly hits. When you subscribe to one of their packages, they will simply place banners in some of the related blogs so that when visitors click on those banner ads they shall be redirected to your landing page.

Thus, it works like PPC advertising except that you shall not be paying them per ads-click but only pay a minimal one-time fee per package with guaranteed numbers of visitors. In this case, you don’t have to spend a lot of time and efforts monitoring the progress of the campaign, you can easily track the progress with the aid of reports submitted to you by the firm.

In a nutshell, getting paid leads is one of the best alternatives to PPC advertising. It can even serve as a good substitute to search engine optimization, as well, especially if your site is hit by the Penguin update. Nonetheless, if you lack the time and the skills to conduct the PPC campaign on your own, you can just buy PPC traffic and enjoy the same benefits and even more.