5 Best Email Marketing Services

email marketing Email marketing is one of the most economical ways by which Internet marketers generate a dependable source of income over a long period of time. This is the way by which you can directly contact your website readers. Even a new visitor coming to your website through search engines can be converted into a regular reader or revenue source in your website.

As direct marketing or direct campaigns aimed at the client or prospective customers, email marketing itself must contains commercial material aimed at potential buyers. Well, the email marketing itself can be divided into several types:

  • Promotion email

This email will has is very frugal in wording as its objective is to advertise and induce the reader to take action and not be distracted by too many words. For example if you are about launch new products, special offers, giving discounts and etc you might want to adopt this method. You should not forget to add clear information about you and your products or services and follow your email marketing service guidelines so your email will not land in the spam box.

  • Inspirational email

This email type contains success stories or case studies of how some problems are solved with your product /service. The inspirational email role is to proclaim the efficacy of the product / service to everyone in such a way that people are literally “inspired” to make the purchase or take the desired action in order to enjoy the same results.

  • Information email

Its may contain the latest blog updates or new software – tool updates. This information email is suited for soft sell, rather than hard sell.

Top Reasons Why Email Marketing Is A Must For Internet Marketers

1. It is a permanent way of traffic and your dependency on search engines is decreased.

2. More than 50% Internet users check their email regularly

3. Best way to make money with affiliate programs

4. Email is a marketing tool that can be relied upon to build relationships

If you want to make from affiliate marketing you must have a profitable list of subscribers and it is possible only if you use best Email marketing service. Here we are recommending, in our opinion, are the 5 best Email marketing services with the help of which creating a list of subscribers will become very easy.


AWeber does not require any introduction so to speak and it is used by the majority of successful Internet marketers. Aweber allows you to manage your campaigns and subscribers with ease. With the help of AWeber you are able to send newsletters and can track the activities of subscribers as well. AWeber comes with a number of attractive Sign up form templates and you can have power to customize these Sign up forms completely. AWeber is a paid service but for the first month it is available just for one dollar.



Like AWeber, MailChimp is also a popular Email marketing services but the most attractive aspect associated MailChimp is that it comes with a free start-up plan and you can use its service for free with some limitations. MailChimp also has auto-responder feature and subscriber performance tracking feature. You can also create and design Sign up forms.

Email Brain

Email Brain is an affordable Email marketing service and it comes with variety of plans for various numbers of subscribers. You can also try Email Brain for free for first month. Every plan of Email Brain has full set of features including list creation and tracking,WYSIWYG and Email template editor.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is slightly costlier than Email Brian and its plans start from $15 with limited number of subscribers but if you are thinking Campaign Monitor is costlier then give it a second thought because it promises to provide far better services. Campaign Monitor is equipped with all those necessary features which are crucial for ideal Email marketing for instance;

  • Complete management of list and subscribers
  • Advanced tracking and analytical tools
  • Email template builder etc.

Stream Send

Stream Send is another name which deserves to be a part of our list. Though at first glance it may appear a bit costlier in comparison with other such services but on closer inspection you will Stream Send prices are reasonable. Its services are wonderful whether it is for the management of subscribers, mail forms or list tracking. We can aptly say Stream Send is our top-pick service provider.


Email services can help you create a permanent relationship with loyal subscribers. These 5 E-mail marketing service providers listed by above are in our humble opinion the best in the market at this time, and you can pick any one of them according to your requirement and budget. If you are looking for the most popular choice, then our recommendation is for AWeber because AWeber is the only service which is used by the majority proportion of E-mail marketers. Its unparalleled service has made AWeber No.1 in the field of E-mail marketing services.

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