The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Content Writing Service to Improve Your SEO and Web Ranking Campaigns

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website popularityFor those interested in creating better content for websites, the question of writing their own articles, blog posts or press releases or hiring a professional service to get the job done for them has become a very important topic of discussion in recent years.

While there are many advantages to writing your own content, many still believe that the relatively sensible investment involved with contracting a content writing service may be justified for the purpose of getting practical results in a faster amount of time.

The Importance of Original Content

When writing or buying high quality content for websites, you first of all need to make sure that it is 100% original. Search engines don’t enjoy duplicate content at all, and you may end up getting penalized for it.

There are several possible reasons for this, the following only covering a small number of them:

• Copyright is one of the most major issues, as you will not only get penalized by search engines, but might even get sued by the original author. A common way of avoiding these problems is to contact the copyright holder in question, and ask for permission to use the content for your own purposes, while adding the proper references.

• Most popular search engines have advanced duplicating filters that can easily detect whether the content on your site is original or not. If it’s found to be duplicated, the page might be removed entirely from the search engine in question.

• Even duplicating your own content can become problematic. For instance, if you own two almost identical websites associated with out of town locations for your business, even if the content is not entirely identical (with city/state name changes), as long as there is a detectible similarity, the websites might both end up penalized.

There are many ways to avoid all these issues altogether. For instance, you can rewrite your content when you want to post similar data on two different pages, so it will still be original despite containing the same information. Getting to work modifying your articles entirely or hiring a good article writing service for the job would be even better.

Well-written, original content is not only a great asset when it comes to SERPs, but also for attracting more people who will be interested in what you have to say and raising the Google PR of your website. You can check this quite easily by monitoring your site’s increased website popularity, and you may find that most monitoring tools will show much faster improvements after the results obtained by a content writing company you may have hired.


Topic Research and Proper Keyword Integration

Another good reason for hiring an article writing company is that you won’t have to worry about having to spend hours trying to write properly researched, creatively written articles or about issues such as keyword integration, density and placement.

Now, while the other two terms might be easier to understand, you may ask, what is keyword density anyway, and which is the best approach towards it? Keyword density is simply the number of times a certain keyword appears within an article compared to the total word count of the article.

Although the ideal keyword density may be a controversial topic even among experts, many article writing services have achieved excellent results, managing to improve the SEO and page ranking of numerous websites by naturally integrating targeted keywords at the proper density within various texts.

This will not only reduce the time you have to spend writing content for your SEO campaigns, but the period of time you will need to waste before being able to update your content as well.

Search engines love websites that are frequently updated with high quality, original content, so you can expect your web rankings to skyrocket as a result of your new content creation strategy.

Should You Hire a Content Writing Service?

When you want to set up a successful online business, apart from deciding to search domains ( in order to find the one that’s most valuable for your site – and cover other important issues such as the right tools and services for designing your site or the proper SEO methods to use for your campaign – you will also need to decide whether or not to hire a content writing company to handle the creation of your original content (articles, blog posts and comments, press releases, social media posts etc).

Depending on the amount of work that needs to be done, the budget you have at your disposal and whether or not you have the possibility of writing at least a part of the content you need, hiring a content writing service might not be necessary; however, if you need batches of dozens of blog posts and articles per week, and you have a decent budget at your disposal for your project, the obvious advantages of contracting one of these companies far outweighs those of any other alternative.