Companies That Can Help You Get Google Traffic

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get google trafficIf you are a business owner who works hard and doesn’t have much time to take on extra work, then your search engine ranking probably isn’t at the top of your list of things to do. Unfortunately though, it really should be an important part of your marketing strategy, because a higher ranking means a lot more traffic, and consequently, a lot more customers. You don’t have to do it all yourself though. There are several different kinds of companies out there who use strategies that will help you get more traffic. You may decide to use just one or even all of them, but each one should be implemented at the right time. As with any company you do business with, be sure to check out their references and compare their prices with others in their industry to be sure you get the best company and services for the price you pay.


Web Development Companies

The very first company you should be concerned with is your web development company. Obviously, it will be their job to make sure you have a website that works and looks great. You will want to make sure they create a website that customers can actually do their shopping and purchasing from and can see on any kind of device they decide to view it from. You will also want to make sure though that they take care of details that will help direct traffic to your pages. You will want them to submit a website map to Google for instance, and to use keywords in the tags and descriptions of every object they embed on your site. They should also take the time to fill your website with high quality content that also uses those keywords, while still maintaining an aesthetically pleasing look. Before you commit to a web development company, ask them how they intend to help traffic find your site when it’s complete. What strategies do they use to make the websites they create more popular than those of their competitors? If they can’t answer those questions, move on to the next company.


SEO Companies

The most obvious way to boost traffic to your site is through an SEO, or search engine optimization, campaign. SEO companies specialize in making sure your website comes up at or near the top of the search engine results. This is key, because most people will not click to the next page of results or even scroll down past the first few. A higher ranking means more traffic for you. These companies have several techniques to improve your ranking. They will add content to your site to make sure it is high quality and has the right keyword density. They will perform keyword research to make sure your website is getting all of the potential traffic it should be getting. They will get your link on many big sites and shared on social networking sites in order to expose your company and increase backlinks. They will also form new websites with content that links back to your website as a further backlinking method. You will most likely need to partner with an SEO company several times throughout the year in order to increase your ranking as other companies surpass you in the results or to boost traffic after a lull.



Website Marketing Companies

If your SEO company’s strategies still aren’t doing the trick, you can always team up with a website marketing company. They will have dedicated teams educated and experienced in online marketing. They will research, contact, and persuade big websites to take on ads that market your website. By getting advertisements online in many different locations, you will increase the number of backlinks to your site and hopefully, the number of clicks too, as long as the ads are effective. In most cases, these kinds of marketing campaigns will include pay-per-click ads. That means you won’t have to pay for the ads unless viewers click them to end up on your site. Normally, your website marketing company will negotiate the price per click for you based on the budget that you agree upon ahead of time. It will be their job to make sure you pay as little as possible while still attracting as many clicks as possible.


Fan and Friend Package Companies

Hopefully you already have a business presence on all of the popular social media networks. By getting your business on Instagram, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube, you can establish hundreds of backlinks, expose your business to thousands of potential customers, and have multiple platforms for marketing campaigns. If you really want to increase the effectiveness of these campaigns though, you might want to purchase fans, friends, followers, Likes, etc. from companies who sell them. There are many companies out there who sell hundreds, if not thousands of targeted fans in one package for one low price. By purchasing targeted fans who are interested in your industry, you will immediately increase the number of people who see your profiles and promotions and who might click to your main business website. That means these companies can help you increase your traffic and you can buy packages like this whenever you need a fresh batch of people to help you through a sales lull.


PR News Article Companies

A more recent type of company has been gaining popularity lately because they are a perfect addition to an SEO campaign and can bring in a lot of traffic. There are big websites now dedicated to creating news article content with the keywords you want throughout. Those keywords are then linked back to your main business website for people who are interested enough in the article to click through to find out more. Also, these PR companies will normally include a boiler plate ending to the articles you purchase. That means each of your articles will contain a paragraph at the end that describes your company and lists your link. If you purchase 50 articles, each of those articles might contain 3 or 4 links back to your website, adding up to a lot of backlinks and a lot of traffic coming from their site. Plus, all those extra backlinks and traffic will boost your Google search engine ranking, which should also boost your Google traffic.