Debunked Blogging Myths You Should Know

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blogging for marketingBlogging can be a powerful medium to online success. It is widely used by many bloggers as an excellent platform in driving web traffic as well. So if you own an online shop and you need a lot of hits to your web pages in order to achieve your projected sales then you must start building a couple of micro-blogs and regularly publish blog posts in order to establish a good blogging reputation while getting more followers at the same time.

One of the keys to blogging success is getting more followers to your blog posts, or getting more subscribers to your RSS feeds. These subscribers are normally informed whenever there is a new update or if there is a new blog post being published.

Consequently, your contents are somewhat assured on getting a certain approximate level of page views coming from the subscribers. Obviously, the more RSS feed subscribers that you will get the higher shall be your approximate page view level. Thus, one of your objectives in this case is to get more subscribers as much as you can while at the same time get direct referrals from different sources.

These things only show that blogging truly brings numerous benefits to online businesses, and if you own one then you must start blogging today and set your business apart from the competitors. But despite the numerous advantages, still only a few entrepreneurs leveraged on the power of blogging in getting more referrals, which is usually tantamount to more sales.

Aside from that, some webmasters were deterred by a couple of blogging myths that are surprisingly not true to all cases. There are common misnomers that must be debunked in order to clear out the confusion and set things right.

5 Common Blogging Myths Debunked

You Must Be a Good Writer

While it is true that you have to be a good writer to be successful in blogging, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be a well-trained and highly-educated writer with perfect English before you can start creating blog posts. There are a couple of successful bloggers that do not write well and yet still able to achieve high page views.

It’s true that quality is important, particularly with retrospect to credibility and conversion. But when it comes to getting traffic, other factors are more influential like the blog title and the promotional techniques used to get more people to read the web content like social media marketing and guest blogging. So don’t be discouraged if your English is not yet perfect. Sometimes, you will eventually get closer to perfection as you regularly keep on blogging while learning English during your spare time to sharpen your skills.

Blogging Alone Generates Traffic

A lot of bloggers have misconceptions about blogging and traffic. For them, publishing regular blog posts is already enough and you can sit back and relax while watching the gradual to abrupt increase in hits. Although this is true in some circumstances, particularly if you are already in an advance stage of blogging and you already have a highly respected name in the community, but if you are still new and you have yet to build a respectable online reputation then you must do other means to get more page views.

One of the leads-generation strategies that you should include in your plan is social media marketing, which is quite effective in driving hits to your web posts. There are various social media techniques, but you must not forgo Facebook and Twitter because of their extreme popularity worldwide. However, there are also a couple of social networks with emerging popularity like Pinterest and Instagram. So carefully select the networks that you will give focus on in order to maximize your time, efforts, and investment.


You Need to Conduct SEO

Getting to the top of the search engine result pages will undoubtedly give you high page view assurance, but it should not be a sole method of getting referrals. While it is highly recommended to learn how to optimize your blog posts for the search engine, you can forgo SEO and use other strategies of getting direct hits like article marketing, forum posting, RSS marketing for increase traffic, and video marketing.

There are many methods to choose from, and you have utmost flexibility in your choices on the suitable hits-generation techniques. It is best to split-tests different techniques in order to more accurately find out the method that gives you optimized results. Search engine optimization is powerful in capturing organic visits from the search users; this kind of traffic also converts well. That is why it is best to optimize each blog post in order to expand the readership of your contents and to make your blogging experience more productive. This is a highly recommended technique, but not mandatory.

You Have to Publish Blog Posts As Oftentimes as Possible

The ideal scenario is to publish fresh posts regularly and as often as possible. Each new post generates significant amount of visitors to your web page. So if you publish a couple of posts almost every day then you are more likely to get higher daily page views. However, daily publishing of web contents is just a perfect scenario. You can still be relatively successful in your blogging experience even if you publish only a few posts in a week or just a couple of articles in a month.

In fact, there are some successful bloggers with established online reputation that publish posts only once or twice in a month, and yet each post generates high page views. Such bloggers have already amassed a huge network of RSS subscribers to their posts that are ready to quickly read each post once it is published.

You Need to Be Popular to Succeed

Every popular blogger started from scratch. Popularity is not handed down on a silver platter; rather, it is earned over time. As you keep on publishing new post and actively engage with your readers in the comment section, you will eventually build a good reputation online. If people find your contents highly relevant and very useful, some of them will start following you to learn more practical tips and valuable information from your posts. They will eventually subscribe to your RSS feeds, which give you further boost in page views to your future posts.

Therefore, don’t let lack of popularity hinder you from pursuing further into blogging for marketing. You may not be popular today, but you shall eventually become one once you have established good rapport with your readers and a respectable image in the community. However, you have to start from square one, and this normally begins by publishing high quality and very relevant blog posts that are meant not for the search engines with SEO in mind but made especially to provide value to the readers.

At this point, five of the most common myths on blogging are now debunked and these issues are clarified. You have all the more reasons to start making some blogs and start blogging for marketing not only to drive more hits to your web pages but also to build an outstanding online reputation. Having a good image is crucial to blogging success and it is very helpful in the attainment of your online business goals.