How to Build Backlinks to My Site

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backlinks to your siteBacklink building still remains one of the major concerns of many website owners today. If you are one of the thousands of people who are facing issues on how to start building backlinks to my site, then perhaps the following tips can help you launch this campaign right, and keep you on track of your goal in getting your site to the top search engine result pages.

You don’t have to be a technical geek or a search engine optimization guru in order to create top-quality backlinks. Simply knowing the basics of backlinking, where to start, and how to do it with utmost efficiency is already enough to start building backlinks that can tremendously improve the current page ranking of your website.

Basics of Backlinking

While creating a backlink seems simple and easy to do, the entire process is actually quite tedious; it requires a lot of time and efforts from you as well. But the good news is there are many strategies to choose from. Just select the ones that exactly match your skills, interests, financial capacity, and availability of time.

Some methods may require you to spend about an hour just to create one backlink, while other techniques are easier to do within just a couple of minutes. Nonetheless, it is best to know your options so that you can formulate your own strategies that are well suited to your needs.

But before you start the campaign, it is highly recommended to gain some insights on the ins and outs of backlinking, especially the things to do as well as the things to avoid. Listed below are the dos and donts of backlinking.

Dos and Donts of Backlinking


  • create backlinks only from ‘do follow’ sites
  • create good-quality contents when building outbound links to your site
  • contact owners of high PR site if you want to create an outbound link
  • provide genuine and relevant comments when creating links via blog commenting
  • give valuable insights to forum members when building backlinks through forum posting


  • create backlinks from ‘no follow’ sites
  • spam the comments section of other sites with generic non-relevant comments
  • use blog-commenting or link building software
  • get involved in reciprocal links with spam sites
  • build links from sites without zero page rank or PR 0

Always bear in mind the above dos and donts and you will have greater assurance that your campaign is on the right direction. You will avoid the common pitfalls as well.

The next thing to do is to start formulate your backlinking strategies. While there are several options to choose from, the ideal method is to diversify your techniques instead of focusing solely on one method.

You may focus on one system, but don’t disregard doing other techniques even with just few links in a week. This way, your links will look natural and search engines will also regard your site as having an authority because of the many links coming from different directions.

Backlinking Strategies

Among the most common backlinking techniques that are still quite effective today are article marketing, blog commenting, social bookmarking, forum posting, and web directory submission. The following are the lists of sites to kick off your backlinking campaign using different strategies.

  • Article Marketing
    • Ezine –
    • Article Dashboard –
    • Amazine –
    • Sooper Articles –
    • Idea Marketers –
  • Blog Commenting
    • Blogger –
    • WordPress –
    • WikiDot –
    • LiveJournal –
    • Weebly –
  • Social Bookmarking
    • Digg –
    • StumbleUpon –
    • Reddit –
    • Technoratti –
    • Delicious –
  • Forum Posting
    • Drupal –
    • Joomla –
    • Sitepoint –
    • Warrior –
    • MySpace –
  • Web Directory submission
    • Yahoo –
    • DMOZ –
    • A Big Dir –
    • Premiere Document –
    • Free Website Directory –

To further enhance the efficiency of your backlinking, take note of some tips on building high-grade quality backlinks coming from expert link builders.


More Tips on How to Build Backlinks to My Site

  • Don’t build a lot of backlinks in just one day, and the ensuing days you have no links created. This technique will only make it seems like you are spamming the web with your links, and search engines will think you are doing something not in the norms, or illegal. Keep in mind that natural is better, and if you want your backlinks to look natural in the eyes of Google, then create one or few links at a time yet consistent. Therefore, properly schedule your link building for best result.
  • Create backlinks only at niche-related sites. So if your website is about dogs, don’t build links from sites about cars, computers, health, and so on. Build links only at dog-related websites that include sites about dog foods, dog health, and dog training among others. Remember, one of the major ranking parameters of Google is relevancy. Make sure to meet this parameter and you are on track in your link building.
  • Use your target keywords as your anchor link. This is an effective search engine optimization strategy.
  • When building backlinks, don’t point all links to only one page of your site like your homepage. You must also ensure that each page of your site is supported by several backlinks. One of the common pitfalls of many site owners is that they point all their backlinks to their landing page, without bothering to create backlinks to other pages. While there is nothing wrong with this method, but you can achieve way much better results by diversifying your links to the different pages of your website.
  • As much as possible, give more focus on your link building at high page ranking websites. But you must also create some backlinks at sites with medium page rank to make your links look natural.

Another Alternative to Build Backlinks

While the above techniques of backlink building are effective, time is essential to get things in place. But if time is not on your side, you have nothing to worry about because you can still build all the backlinks that you need for your website for as long as you have the money to spend on as an investment to your business.

All you need to do is simply buy some backlinks and you won’t have to spend hours per day to get your website rank well in Google. Make sure to choose a trusted service provider that promises to build genuine good quality backlinks.

Some of them may even offer different backlink-building plans like link building from high PR sites and link creation from edu sites. Whatever your needs, they have the solution.

Either way, you can choose the free method or the paid method. What is important is that your problem on how to get backlinks to my site is not only resolved but done effectively as well.