How to Check Page Ranking Headway

press releasesIt is important for you, as a website owner, to know how to check page ranking progresses, in order to make the necessary adjustments to your marketing campaigns, because you cannot just let these campaigns run without making any corrections demanded by the results obtained after each re-indexing.

On your road to Google page 1 ranking, do not forget about press releases . They are a very effective way to increase page ranking, which is used in all important marketing campaigns.

What Is a Press Release?

To avoid scholastic definitions, a press release is a kind of story, but at the same time news, written in a standard imposed format an in the third person, which is meant to communicate information about an event, a product, a service, or a person. The format of a press release is a little more complicated than that of an article, due to the increased rigors imposed by the publishers.

A press release template can be easily found online and followed by anyone willing to write such a material. Although the templates may vary in form, some elements are mandatory:

• A headline – very attracting and concise;

• A body – starting with the location and date where and when the press release is issued, and continuing with the story, written in third person;

• A contact section – identifying the contact person (name, title) and the business (name, address, phone number, e-mail address) to which the press release refers;

• An ending section – including three hash symbols (###).

A boilerplate comes as an optional section, describing the person or the business that the story refers to.

Well Written Press Releases Can Increase Page Ranking

Any press release you write must show sobriety, but must still be attractive enough to make the reader want to learn more by visiting your site. You may think that anyone can write a good press release, but finding the right tone and sticking to the imposed format while still drawing the interest of the reader is not easy.

Although general writing skills are certainly useful in issuing press releases, other skills are specific to this kind of writing, and they are, finally, the ones that make the difference and can help your site reach page one ranking. Some of these skills are as follows:

• The capability of understanding the news angle – a good writer has to grab the reader’s attention from the very first words, which means that he or she will have to extract the relevant information and act like the best reporter;

• The power of understanding the journalistic tone – a lack of the tone that reporters use is the main reason why many press releases fail, while the best writers know the art of telling a story just like reporters do;

• The capability of avoiding waste of words – just like reporters are concise, good press release writers have to go straight to the point, without using words in excess, but still covering the main aspects;

• The ability of perceiving the details – when you write news, it is about details, because if you get a wrong perception of the facts, your credibility will be affected; furthermore, a press release has to be mistake-free and accurate, otherwise it cannot be taken seriously;

• The ability of making the readers ask for more information – each press release makes a goal from determining the media to contact the author and ask for more data, and this is something that only good writers can deliver.

If you do not want to deal with publishing the press releases yourself, you can hire a press release submission service, which will treat this matter with professionalism and will push your site to 1st page ranking.

They will make sure that your press releases reach the targeted audience. Beyond the general goal, which is spreading the news about an event or product, a press release is also a SEO page ranking tool, as it brings numerous benefits for the search engine optimization of your website.

Writing press releases for web pages involves a special attention paid to content and keywords at the same time. Good content is a guarantee that people will be interested in reading the releases, while the use of relevant keywords ensures that the customers will find your website when searching the Internet for those particular keywords.

Since you can hide some links behind the keywords, these links will send your potential customers to the website. Thus, what you are really getting is a number of backlinks that will help you find page ranking improvements after the next Google re-indexing, which is, in fact, your ultimate goal.

As a result of your marketing campaigns, you should obtain a better position for your website and, since you know how to check page ranking improvements, you can measure your achievements step by step and enjoy them.

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