Is Your Website Low on Traffic? Get A Backlink Boost

get a backlink boosterOne of the many serious challenges that website owners face is low traffic to the site. This is very common today, especially websites with low page rank, not well-optimized for search engines, and poorly promoted.

Traffic is the blood line of websites. The moment the flow of traffic to the site stops, the website will eventually die until it ceases to exist because it has lost the very essence of its existence, which is the website-visitor.

It is just plain useless to keep the site going and spend further for its operational costs while getting nothing in return because no one is visiting it. Therefore, to sustain the site’s existence, it has to have visitors that will truly appreciate the value of the website.

Most Common Reasons for Low Traffic to Your Site

There are several reasons why websites are getting poor traffic. The most common reasons are as follows:

1. Your Site Doesn’t Have Backlinks

Backlinks play crucial roles to traffic. These are links coming from different sources pointing to your site. Backlinks will not only improve the page ranking of the site among search engines, but it can send highly-targeted direct visitors. If your site doesn’t have backlinks, then perhaps it needs some backlinks booster to send direct and organic traffic.

2. Nobody Knows Your Site Exists

One of the most common reasons why your site is having low traffic is that nobody knows that it even existed. The moment your site goes live online, people have no idea that it exists at all. Thus, you need to let others know of its existence. There are a lot of options to do this, such as aggressive promotion through all sorts of advertising campaign like pay-per-click (PPC), as well as directly telling others about your site in forums and in various online social venues.

3. You Neglected the Search Engine Optimization Aspects of the Site

Regardless of the method you chose to promote the site, it is important to consider the search engine optimization aspect. Even if you are doing aggressive marketing campaign to expand the exposure of your site, it is still important to optimize blogs for search engines to get better rank. Getting to the top of Google result pages can further boosts traffic to the site. What is even better is that visitors coming from organic traffic are normally highly-targeted, thereby leading to higher conversion rate.

Options for Improving Website Traffic

There are a lot of options to choose from to boost traffic to the site. It is best not to solely rely on one method but to diversify the campaign by engaging in different ways to increase traffic. The following are some of the widely-used techniques of giving the site a gradual or sudden upsurge in traffic.

  1. Get a Backlink boost – Create a lot of top-quality backlinks and send targeted visitors to the site. This should involve getting high PR backlinks, getting edu backlinks, as well as mid PR backlinks.
  2. Get Alexa traffic by optimizing your site for better Alexa rank
  3. Publish articles at different High PR article directories
  4. Bookmark your blog and its posts at top social bookmarking sites
  5. Ping your blog posts
  6. Submit the RSS feed of your site to RSS aggregators
  7. Submit your blog to free directories like Yahoo and DMOZ
  8. Write several impressive press releases with links to your site
  9. Write articles and publish them at Web 2.0 properties like Squidoo and Hubpage

10. Get links from other well-reputed related sites, preferably high authority sites

11. Go offline to promote your site via classified ads in newspaper

12. Conduct pay-per-click advertising

13. Place banner ads of your site at high-traffic blogs and popular websites

14. Join forums and place the link to your site via forum signature

15. Talk about your blog at popular social sites like Twitter and Facebook

16. Blog commenting

17. Guest posting

18. Onsite and offsite optimization

19. Transform your articles to videos and submit them at YouTube

20. Transform some articles to pdf and submit them at doc-sharing sites

It is important to bear in mind that different methods will give different results. Sometimes, it also depends on the type of audience your blog is targeting. But there are also methods that apply to all sites regardless of the niche they belong.

One of them is search engine optimization. Getting to the top of Google result pages for the target keywords will lead to remarkable increase of not only ordinary traffic but good quality organic traffic.

Unlike direct advertising and pay-per-click paid campaign where the moment you stop promoting, the site traffic also stops; in this case, getting your blog to Google front page will give regular free-flowing traffic even if you are no longer directly promoting your site. That is why it is always good to combine whatever techniques you are using with search engine optimization for best results.

Are Backlinks Then The Best Option?

Backlinks are among the important algorithms most search engines are using to rank websites. These are usually measured in terms of quality and quantity. Recent Google algorithm changes like the Penguin updates give more focus on quality and providing valuable information to the readers.

So, if you want to tremendously improve your website traffic via SEO, adhere to Google rules by creating highly-useful contents in your site that give value to your visitors. Those who will appreciate the information in your pages will refer your site to others, thereby creating viral campaign done for you. This will further give an added boost of visitors to your blog.

In line with this, it is likewise important to create compelling pages that clearly impart to the readers the information you are sharing. According to a famous internet marketing guru, Ewen Chia, ‘The ability to communicate effectively and clearly with your prospects and customers is second to none.’

It is not enough to send loads of visitors to your site. You must still convert your prospects into customers by giving them the information they are seeking for, and the solutions to their problems through your site. Well-satisfied customers are good sources of referrals for added traffic.

Finding the right methods of increasing website traffic may be a trial-and-error process at first. But once you are able to find out the effective strategies that work, you can start focusing your campaign on those techniques and give your site a tremendous boost in traffic.

Don’t forget that regardless of the methods, it is best to combine them with search engine optimization to get good quality organic traffic. There are many ways to optimize your site in a way that enhances page rank, while sending additional direct visitors at the same time.

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