Lesser Known Secrets to Affiliate Marketing Success

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affiliate marketing success

Most affiliate marketers today use search engine optimization to boost their success in affiliate marketing. Others perform different marketing methods like social media marketing, forum marketing, banner ads and PPC advertising, article marketing, and video marketing among others.

Only a few are buying hits to increase the page views of their affiliate pages, which is the ‘less traveled by’ road to success because majority of them think that this is not beneficial for SEO. The truth is this method can be a short-cut to success if this is correctly implemented.

Either way, it is important to conduct as many different strategies as possible. The more the better, and the closer you shall be to your success.


Affiliate Secrets to Success with Affiliate Programs

Choose Programs with High Conversion Rate

One of the crucial factors that can greatly influence your success is choosing the right program to promote. There are thousand s to choose from; Clickbank alone has more than 4000 different products to offer. So you must choose wisely which product to promote.

A lot of experts have varying and contradicting advices. Some are suggesting selecting the ones with the highest payout per sale, others recommend to go for products that are hot in the market and widely in-demand; still there are several affiliates recommending products with crazy conversion rates. Which one to choose is relatively confusing; to make it easier it is best to start with your goals.

If you are in just for money then go for the ones that maximize your earnings. Obviously, the high-paying programs will first pop up in your mind. But you must also check the gravity or the popularity of the products.

If the demand is low, it may take a while before you can make a sale. So weigh in your options. Ideally, promoting products with high payouts is the best choice because you shall be earning more for the same marketing efforts spent compared to products with low payouts.

Check the Landing Page

Another crucial component is the conversion of the program. It’s useless to promote products with low conversion. Therefore, take a close look at the gravity data. Clickbank normally provides this information to its affiliates.

On top of that, you must never fail to check the landing page. This is very important because this has great bearing on how the product changes the prospects into real customers. Think as if you are the customer and if you are convinced to buy the product or not. If you don’t feel like buying it then don’t promote the product at all.

Diversify Your Marketing Techniques

Promotion is like a bloodline to success. If you don’t promote your offers you will definitely not get any sale. You have a lot of options when it comes to marketing your products. Naturally, you would go for search engine optimization since most marketers are doing it. This is highly recommended because this can give you long-term benefits.

Therefore, you must optimize your blog for the search engines regardless if you are doing other methods of promotion. The benefits of SEO will usually take time unless you are an expert in this aspect. That is why it is best to combine it with other strategies like the paid hits method that gives you short-term and faster results.

Split Test Your Campaign

Before launching any marketing campaign, you must first optimize your sales copy. Some programs will provide you with a pre-built landing page. Some of these landing pages may convert, but you also need to check if creating a custom-made template that is more specific to the segment you are targeting to will perform much better.


Thus, you must split-test your strategies in order to pinpoint the one that gives you the highest output. Once this is done, you can concentrate your marketing efforts on high-performing methods.

Paid Leads

Buying targeted web traffic is like playing dart. You need to hit it right on target to enjoy the benefits. You must also use a perfect dart that gives you utmost accuracy in hitting the bull’s eye. A misalignment of the shaft can already cause the dart to go off course.

Similarly, to enjoy the true benefits of paid hits, you need to use the firm that will give you not just real human visitors but laser targeted prospects as well. So the real challenge is in locating the right firm. This is quite difficult at first, but once you are able to find one, you can use the same service in the succeeding campaign.

To aid you in your search, check the features of their plans. Many of them will give you general and non-targeted leads, so you cannot expect that your conversion will increase.

Likewise, sales will remain low if the visitors you are getting is not targeted to your niche. It is advisable not to choose such plan. You can easily detect these packages because they will only require a single data from you, which is the target url of the sales copy or of the homepage where you want the visitors to go to.

What you should choose instead are plans that allow you to target more specific market segment. These packages normally require you to filter the expected audience based on several filters like the country where you want the people to come from, or their age group. By doing so, you have more assurance that your visitors are better targeted to suit your niche.

More Affiliate Marketing Tips

When promoting products, one of the main concerns is getting people to visit your blog where your affiliate links are. One of the solutions to this issue is to get paid leads to your sales copy.

This is an effective marketing strategy because there is still a chance of getting a couple of impulsive buyers if your product offers are great and interesting even if your viewers are, at first, non-targeted to your niche. But if you properly target the audience using the premium plans that allows you to customize your expected visitors, your conversion shall be even better.

If you want to succeed in affiliate marketing, get a blog and start optimizing it to achieve a good page rank in Google. For the meantime, send paid leads to each of the pages in your site, with more emphasis on the homepage.

You must also set off other campaigns like article marketing. This will give you direct referrals while simultaneously creating high quality backlinks. If you submit more articles, you will get more visitors once they are published. Sometimes this is just a numbers game. More articles, more visitors, and more sales. Therefore, keep on pumping those articles and they will eventually pay off.

The same is true with other strategies. Share your web contents to various social media networks. Do similar things with your published articles. It is impossible not to close a single sale from your combined strategies using articles and social sharing.

Nevertheless, success in affiliate marketing can be achieved given that proper marketing campaign is in place. You can set it up using various techniques that include SEO and the above-mentioned internet marketing strategies, while all together buy website visitors to boost your sales.