Patience and Persistence – And Quick Tips for SEO Success

build linksThe array of options when it comes to marketing your own website are bewildering, and without some serious previous experience with link building tactics and marketing, the probability is that your page will forever sit with an ineffective page ranking in any or all of the major search engines.

The question is not if you need to get SEO help, but where to start in rethinking the entire approach to optimizing your web presence and best leverage the power of inbound links.

The very first thing to remember is that, when this process is done correctly the results will not be instantaneous. Generating high profile backlinks that draw in quality visitors who are willing to either relay the links to their network or even just become repeat customers will take time. Just like generating a good reputation takes time, generating a positive web presence will require significant patience. After all, you’re likely not building a simple one shot marketing page, but rather a brand, a product that you will want people to come back to time and time again.

Organic or Purchased SEO?

There are two basic means of generating the kind of marketing network that will generate useful levels of traffic for your site, Organic (sometimes called natural link building) and opting for a purchased solution.

Purchasing a networking link solution is a common method of accomplishing in a very short time-frame what many will spend quite a lot of effort on, and there are both professional and mass marketing approaches to doing so. The obvious issue with taking this route is that the content and linking is out of your hands and, as competent and professional a person may be, the only one who knows your business as well as you do is you. Having noted this, however, acquiring the services of a quality backlink provider who is willing to work with you and your website so that the results are of the highest quality possible is often a much more efficient use of resources than trying to go at it alone.

Opting for an organic approach means that everything is done manually or mostly manually, and that all websites are re-imagined with the correct keywords and coding implemented and utilized. Further to tackling such an undertaking, either alone or with professional help, here are five basic tips to point you in the right direction:

1- Picking an accurate and descriptive domain name:

As implied, choosing a domain name that is descriptive and reflects both the product and any other keywords which may be relevant in the situation is paramount. If you are an author, then a selecting a domain name such as is going to be extremely helpful in getting people to find you on the internet.

2- Know your keywords and pick the ones that carry the most weight:

Essentially, key words are to a search engine what bookmarks are to a textbook, they give a reference point to which you can turn to find what you’re looking for. In a given industry, there are a range of keywords that can be used, and the impact or effectiveness of each of the keywords can be researched relative to the Google search ranks using any number of keyword ranking tools available online for the looking.

3- Use keywords everywhere they’re relevant, not just in body text:

Keywords are not some fragile perishable flower. The better named all elements within your website are the more effective the whole presentation will be when search engines are trying to catalog the site and present it in search engine results. Keywords can be used throughout the site, in meta data, navigation titles, and for all embedded internal linking, all of this will enhance the effect and the results.

4- Titles are part of a site’s search results as well:

Page titles are much like domain names, and the more effectively keywords are placed throughout, the more accurate the search engine spiders will be able to assess the site. Often, if the naming conventions are precise enough, each page will be reflected in all its glory rather than buried under domain name just hoping to be seen.

5- Finally, start cultivating quality incoming links.

Inbound links are also very important if you want your site to get noticed. Generating solid source authority backlinks will ensure that the whole of the on-site SEO effort won’t be brushed off as an anomaly by the search engines, and your site won’t be doomed to a lower quality ranking as a result.

In short, taking a solid look at the site you have, and determining up front how best to apply these tips and points so that you will end up with the site you want to have, while not being particularly difficult, is going to be a moderately slow process, and the results will not be instantaneous. The good news is that this method, if applied persistently across the board and approached over the long term with patience, will net the results you are looking for. You will research keywords, create content, build links, generate higher quality traffic and ultimately you will look back and wonder what all the fuss was about.

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