Surprising Video Marketing Stats You Should be Aware Of

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video marketing for businessVideo marketing is one of the hottest trends in online marketing today, and it’s no secret among internet marketers that this is a powerful medium in bringing brands right in front of their target audiences and in increasing the visibility of the product to varied prospects. Many big-time companies and famous brands are now using videos as part of their promotional campaign, and if you don’t use it to expand the horizon of your business then you will definitely be left out by your competitors.

There are a lot of evidences that prove the importance of videos in marketing, and if you are not fully convince yet then here are a couple of stats that are compelling enough for you start making a couple of videos today to kick off your promotional campaign.

Video Marketing Stats

A One-Minute Video is Equivalent to about 1.8 million Words

According to a Forrester Research study about using video for marketing, a one-minute video can have the same impact as contents with about 1.8 million words. So if you are able to write about 10 500-word articles per day, just imagine the number of days it will take you to reach 1.8 million words.

Accordingly, this is equivalent to about 3,600 web pages. If it takes you 2 hours to create a single page, then it would take you 300 days to achieve the same impact of a one-minute of video. Obviously, the numbers are extreme, but even if you get the average you will still get remarkable stats.

About 85% US Net Surfers Viewed Videos in September 2012

If you are positioning your products for the US market then you have more reasons to use videos for marketing. Majority of the people in United States who surfed the net normally watch videos every month.  Every day, it is also estimated that about a hundred million Americans will watch videos. This is an astounding 43% increase from the 2010 numbers. If you uploaded a couple of videos about your brand or about your products and services then you will have higher potential in expanding your business horizon.

By 2014, it is projected that about 50% of online traffic will be coming from videos. So you better start pumping out those videos now in order to secure a better place in video marketing once it becomes a major component of online marketing.

59% of Senior Executives Prefer to Watch Videos than Read Long Texts

Senior executives are normally busy and they have a lot of things to attend to every day. Reading long texts and analyzing the details will consume a lot of their valuable time. That is why they would rather watch short video presentations that effectively impart the same messages as the long texts in order to save time and efforts.

According to a Forbes study about video marketing in business, approximately 65% of the executives who watched the videos clicked some links to check the website of the vendor, and about 45% of them have contacted the vendor after watching the video presentation. But more importantly, 50% of them made some purchases after viewing the sales presentation via videos. This data alone is enough to convince any marketer about the power of videos in getting sales and its importance in marketing.

Videos Can Increase the Conversion Rate of Email Marketing by 51% while Reduce Opt-Outs by 75%

Videos also play vital roles in other marketing strategies like email marketing. Two major facets of email marketing are opt-ins and opt-outs. The main objectives are to maximize the number of opt-ins while minimizing the incidences of opt-outs. Achieving these objectives is the ideal scenario.


Based on an Eloqua report about the impact of videos in conversion, inserting interesting videos at the start of the email can help reduce the number of subscribers opting out of the subscription while it helps in increasing the conversion rate. Another survey was made by Implix and the stats were quite remarkable. They reported that videos can increase click-through-rate or CTR by 96%. This is more than twice as much as the CTR of your web pages.

But what is more interesting is the survey results of Forrester Marketing that showed that videos increased the CTR of email marketing by a whopping 200% to 300%. If email marketing is part of your marketing programs, then integrate it with video marketing. The combined power of two different strategies can boost the performance of your campaign.

Worldwide Net Users Watch an Average of 32 Videos in a Month

There are about 100 million people watching videos each day, and an average user will watch about 32 videos in a month. Overall, 45% of the people surfing the internet will watch at least 1 video every month. This increases the chances of getting better exposure of your brand to your target prospects if you include video marketing as part of your campaign.

90% Online Shoppers Are More Likely to Buy Products After Viewing Videos

Videos are now an integral marketing component of online retail stores. Inserting videos to support product reviews can greatly influence the buying decisions of online shoppers. 90% of them reported that their decisions to buy certain brands were inspired by video presentations about the product.

Videos have critical roles in online shopping. One of the many barriers when shopping for products online is absence of physical assessment of the product. It’s hard to buy something that you have not seen. You may not like the design, or the physical quality of the merchandise, unlike shopping in brick-and-mortar stores wherein you can make an actual inspection of the product.

Videos break that barrier by showing the consumers the physical form of the merchandise. Some video presentations are very detailed, going as far as showing every feature of the product and even project better the corresponding benefits. So if you are selling physical products, then it is imperative to include videos in your sale pitch in order to further enlighten the buyers with regards to their buying decision.

Video Marketing Take Home Message

Not all marketers are leveraging on the power of videos in marketing. Those who did not include it as part of their campaign are missing a lot of opportunities. While video marketing still lags behind at 6th place in content marketing dominated by social media at the top, you should not miss out on the absolute potential of videos in elevating your business to a higher level of success.

Success is not imminent and it is not guaranteed once you launch a campaign. You must still formulate an effective plan that works. There are also a handful of tips that you must observe. This includes creating compelling videos that grab attention, ensuring long viewing time of the videos by creating high-quality files, and so on.

When creating the videos, always remember that you only have about 10 seconds to grab the attention of the people to watch your video to the end. About one-third of the viewers will be lost after 30 seconds, and 60% of them are lost after 2 minutes. Therefore, make sure that your videos will not only grab the attention of the viewers but retain their interests as well.