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targeted email listA targeted email list may be just the thing you need to make money. All Internet marketing and business gurus say that the money is in the list, and they are right. A targeted list lets you stay in contact with clients and leads, and it gives you the best chance of converting them into customers. However, building a list can take a lot of time if you don’t have a website with good SERPs. Find out the advantage of getting and buying a targeted list, and why it is the ultimate tool for your Web business.

Stay in Contact

Did you know that most people won’t buy from a website until they have heard of it about five to seven times? Search engines are great for bringing people in for that initial exposure, but you usually won’t get sales at first. You need to stay in constant contact to ensure that the client or lead buys from you.

Buying a targeted list gives you the chance to create initial exposure by first introducing people to your website, and you can then coax them into a sale by offering discounts, or by educating the reader with some good newsletters or articles.

Enhanced Sales

An email list gives you the ability to increase your sales. People who buy from a website once are more likely to buy again, but only if they are coaxed into it with more communication. If you don’t talk to your buyers, then the chances of them buying again can become quite slim after a short period of time.

Not only that, but email marketing lets you build a relationship with your readers. This gives you a clear line of communication where you can offer special discounts, or you can show why you are the best company by giving the readers information that they will only get through your email list.

All of this combines to increase your sales figures. People would prefer buying from a company they trust, and a company that able to hold their interest. If you write good emails that get your reader’s attention, then you will have better sales for any niche.

Personalized Messages

Email marketing is also very powerful because it allows you to personalize your email messages. The lowest level of personalization is adding the person’s name to the email. You can easily do this by asking for their name on your sign up form. Just adding someone’s name to your email marketing can improve retention rates by as much as 20%.

But, you can go further than this with a great list. You can segment your list by region, state and zip code. This is even better for getting sales. For example, you can make a special sale that just targets a certain state. People love when they get a sale just for them, and they will normally jump on this in an instant.

There are many ways to personalize email marketing, and the more you personalize, the better your sales. This lets you get as close as possible to your customers, and that can really help your profits and retention rate.

Advantages of Buying a Targeted List

An email list is great, and you can often build one on your own if you have the time and resources. However, if you don’t have the time or if SEO just isn’t your thing, then you should consider buying a targeted list.

Buying a list bypasses all the time it takes to build up a list. To make a list, you commonly have to rank a website, create powerful copy that is both SEO and reader friendly, give people a real reason for signing up for your website and doing a lot of work. By the time you are finished you will spend several hours or days worth of time just setting everything up, and you don’t have a single sign up yet.


You then have to market the list via forums, search engines, impression ads or CPA advertising. So, you’re not only spending time to do it on your own, but you are also spending money. You will often end up spending about two to three time the amount you would just buying a list from the start. Not only that, but you will have a list ready for you without having to go for weeks or months waiting for sign ups.

When buying a list you need to make sure it is a targeted one. Getting an untargeted list is useless, and it’s not worth the money you are paying for it. When you send an email to an untargeted list, you will notice that you have very low readership rates, and your email will likely go into their spam box.

A targeted list is where the real value is. The people on this list are really interested in what you are selling or offering, so they are more likely to open your email and pay for your product or services. Some targeted lists even have a 90% readership rate, though that largely differs based on niche, your email writing and what you are offering.


Getting a targeted list is only part of the solution. A list gives you a number of people you can email, but just having a list isn’t going to do that much. You need to properly use it to make money from the people.

First of all, you need to email on a schedule. One way of doing this is to email people everyday. If you email them this often, then it is a good idea to save one email a week for advertising, while the other six should just be used to inform your customer about your specific niche. Promoting yourself too strongly can kill sales.

The other thing you can do is just email people once a week. This should be one long email that both sells something, and informs the reader about your niche. Just promoting a product rarely works because people become aware that you are selling them something, and then the barriers go up.

Create good email titles that will entice readers to open your email. You can either make a snappy title that makes the reader want to see more, or you can make a straightforward title that instantly tells people what they will get if they open the email. Both can work, and it largely depends on your niche, and your specific customers.

Don’t let the list become stale. An email list is one of the best tools you can have. If you don’t promptly take advantage of it, then you can lose all your potential sales. Start working on it immediately to get some sales and interaction going.


A targeted email list is one of the best things you can have online. It gives you a bunch of buyers that are interested in your topic, and you get to stay in contact with them until you finally coax them into a sale. Converting people from your email list is also easier than with other people, so you should have no problem closing a few sales with a good list. Buying a list will make everything much easier, especially if you don’t want to waste time with ranking a website and making ad copy.