The Latest Top Alexa Ranking List

top alexa rank listAs been explained on the previous post, Alexa ranking can be considered as a measure of the popularity of a website. Alexa gathering and process the data, which is then used as the basis in order to give a rank for a websites. Whether a new websites or giant website, from the most high popularity (1 ranked) up to million rank.


Here are the top 15 Alexa global ranking list according the latest data from


  1. Google (The largest and giant search engine, also develop their business in many niche)
  2. Facebook (The top social media/networking with most users around the world)
  3. YouTube (YouTube is free online video hosting and sharing, people upload, watch and download video for free)
  4. Yahoo! (Search engine)
  5. (The most preferred search engine for Chinese based language)
  6. Wikipedia (A free encyclopedia)
  7. QQ.COM (The largest and famous internet service portal in China)
  8. (Online shop/store where the buyers and sellers are meet come from a wide world)
  9. Windows Live (Is a search engine founded by Microsoft)
  10. Twitter (Is social networking / media
  11. (Is the large customers-to-customers online marketplace China based)
  12. LinkedIn (Is a social networking/media for business, find a job, connections,even business partner)
  13. (Is a free blogging site owned by Google)
  14. Google India (Is a Google search engine in India version)

Above is the newest top Alexa ranking list generated according the Alexa’s data.

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