Using Semantic Keywords To Capture More Web Traffic

semantic keywordsSemantics search is basically based on a database system that tries to determine the possible meanings behind the keywords being searched for. For example, when one types in the keyword ‘laptop’, the system tries to establish if it means the need for laptop repaired, getting a new laptop, comparing the latest laptop models or finding a shop that sells laptops nearby.

In actual situations, mostly people do not always use one keyword to search but multiple stringed keyword phrases in order to get a more refined search. Search engines are not right all the time as they only search what is typed into their system in relation to what is in their engine. So, they generally guess, and that “guessing” algorithm attempts to be more sophisticated over time. Their ultimate purpose is to ensure a better search experience so that they can capture more views that the other search engines, translating into greater advertising dollars.

Semantics can also establish your GPS position in order to give you search solutions that are near to your location and that should be in relation to how the keyword was entered by the user or additional clues, in case more than one keyword is used.

For example, if one searches about something like laptop repair. Here the semantic search for the search engine will locate the user by use of GPS and hence providing results about laptop repairs based on the user’s location. Results are location based, for example, within the same city, province or country of the user.

Impact on SEO

In SEO activities, semantics search tries to aid in the identification of correct keywords centered on the intention of the user, and then provide contents that relate to the keyword.

In the parlance of the keyword search, one simply seeks out the keywords that have the greatest research volume. Thus, the meaning within your list of words being searched and the content are one and the same. All the system needs to do is to identify the best fit between what it thinks is the intention behind the search phrase and the content of the websites being listed.

Merits Of Semantic Word Search

Semantic keyword search aid in the creation of blog posts that converts faster and also better PPC and CTR optimizations through a better click-through rate, reduced minimum bids and improved quality score.

This is enhanced through the use of e-mails, landing pages, text ads and blog posts aligned semantically. When one achieves higher relevance around his semantic keyword, then the search engine will give him/her content more preference, hence ensuring higher rankings.

Tools for finding semantic keywords

Having a coherent plan for your semantic keywords to capture more web traffic is essential. All that matters is how you establish the keywords. Unfortunately at this time, because the search engine algorithms are closely guarded secrets, the only way to do this is through observations and experimentation (in other words, good ol’ trial and error).

Using Google search

Advanced search using Google can aid in generating semantic keywords as all you need to do is type in the question and the search engine will provide you with all probable answers in relation to your location.

Using bookmark tags

Check how the tags are used in the social sites so as to come up with searches that suit their keywords and hence see on how people respond to such a keyword, what they think about it. Such bookmarking sites include the likes of Licorize, Diigo and even Pinterest.

Utilizing the use of trends

Another way is to optimize keywords on trending topics such as Ice rocket, Google Trends, Trends TV and Tweet volume.

Social search statistics

Social searches such as Twitter search can aid in researching on social web by looking at what others on the social network say about the keyword phrase. This helps us find out how people in the social network use the word. A site like OpenBook gives one a chance to check on what people are chatting about on Facebook and hence giving you a chance to understand the intention behind the word.


There are numerous other tools to use so as to build a cloud on semantic keywords and the approach used is more or less the same on finding the semantic keywords.

Semantic keyword search can aid in SEO campaigns as it is all based on complete details about the intended customer since a better understanding of your target client profile search behavior will surely result in more targeted web traffic for your site.

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