What is an Affiliate Link

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affiliate linksIn Internet marketing, there are so many programs and businesses that it can be dizzying. Many companies are increasing sales for themselves and by allowing affiliates to earn some income for foot traffic as well. They do this by allowing individuals, for a small fee to set up an affiliate link for their customers to access the main page, rather than an individual, private page. The question you may be asking yourself is, “what is an affiliate link?”

An affiliate link is a unique hyperlink code that can be given to an individual member of an affiliate program. These links track referrals and sales so that dividends and profits can be shared with the affiliate who generated the business. Many website owners, bloggers, and small business owners are also affiliates of larger companies. For example, if you sell pottery, you may want to become an affiliate with a larger company that sells gourmet foods to serve on your plates or coffee that would be well suited to your handcrafted ceramic mugs.

These companies could generate more income for your already established business without requiring you to stock products or directly sell their items. You could register with  company that offers affiliate programs as an affiliate. You will then be issued an affiliate link, which could be placed on your blog or website. You can the direct customers to the other company’s website to purchase complimentary items by placing your affiliate link somewhere easy to find on your own site. You can do this by placing the link in text, in a photo or banner ad, or in a number of other ways.


When a customer clicks your unique affiliate ID, his or her shopping can be traced to your account, so you can be compensated by the parent company for generating this referral for their business. This can boost both their sales and yours, and can be a good way to increase your income. If customers place large orders, you could receive a hefty commission or referral fee. Some companies will offer additional bonuses and commissions for other affiliates who sign up to become affiliates through your affiliate link.

Thousands of companies are using affiliate marketing and generating new business through affiliate links. If you have an established customer base or if you are a blogger with an established following of loyal readers, affiliate marketing may be a good way to increase your income. Many blog readers appreciate the affiliate links in some of their favorite, most trusted information sites.

Oftentimes, they are seeking information on a specific subject from the blog sites that they read, and many bloggers use affiliate links and marketing effectively to both boost their own income and help their readership by posting links to companies whose products are of a particular interest to the readers. If, for example, you are blogging about home education, then your trusted readers may benefit from your accessible placement of affiliate links selling digital products. They have gained access to an invaluable source, and you have just gained a reasonable commission in the process.