7 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Fan Engagement

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facebook marketingMost internet marketers are aware of the power of Facebook as a marketing tool that can help explode targeted traffic to the sites. While advertising in Facebook can fetch huge amount of page views, what matters most is fan engagement because this can lead to high conversion rate.

Actively engaging with your fans will help build your reputation among your prospects. Your followers will also better know you and easily trust you whenever you give advice or recommendations as you regularly interact with them. So if you want to improve the conversion of your site then here are a couple of tips to learn from so that your fan engagement will not only be fruitful but truly enjoyable as well.

7 Ways to Enhance Your Engagement with Facebook Fans and Boost Website Hits

1. Find Out the Best Time to Make Your Post

Proper timing is important. There are times in a day where only a few people are logged on to their account, and there are also peak times. It is important to know the best time to post that gives maximum results. This may significantly vary by country or by State due to time zone difference; that is why you need to split test the best time to post in your area.

Based on several surveys, the best time to post in Facebook is during times when people are no longer at work but not during sleeping time, which is from 7pm to 10 pm and during early morning from 5am to 7am. Take note that more people are now browsing online using their mobile gadgets, so travel times from work to office and going back home are included as part of the peak times.

The studies further revealed that ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ are higher by as much as 20% during these times. Therefore, avoid posting during office hours, unless you are targeting work-at-home Dads and Moms or housewives.

2. Frequency in Posting

While adding more posts will help you expand the exposure of your business to larger groups of audience, posting too much will tend to become less fruitful. If your posts are commercial in nature, more of your fans will be annoyed by your ad posts compelling some of them to remove you from the accounts they are following.

The famous adage that goes ‘too much of everything is bad’ also applies here. If you post too often hoping to get the attention of your fans then you are missing the point of your marketing. Take note that your main goal is to effectively engage with your fan base in order to build your brand image through constant interaction with them.

If you have a lot of posts, your fans will begin to suspect that you are aggressively advertising your products, which is not good because majority of them are there to socialize and not to be advertised at. There were also studies to find out the ideal weekly frequency of posting. The result showed that posting 1 to 4 times per week receives higher engagement compared to posting more than 4 times in a week. So keep your post frequency within this level; this will save you time and efforts as well.

3. Check the Post Length

Another important factor to consider is the length of the post. Excessively long posts will bore your audience, and many of them will shy away from reading long comments due to time constraint. Most people want to cover as many topics and comments as they can within their comfortable time duration to spend for social browsing.


Therefore, keep your post as short as possible, yet loaded with some useful information. Based on some studies, posts with less than 80 characters received higher user engagement than posts with more than 80 characters. But the highest fan engagement will be attained at 86% if your posts are shorter than 40 characters. Therefore, keep this in mind when formulating your next posts in Facebook.

4. Add Photos

Facebook fan engagement is mainly driven by photos. Posts without photos will receive less comments and likes compared to those embedded with pictures. In fact, a certain study concluded that posts with images get the highest engagement among fans compared to other types of files. So start collecting high-quality photos that grab attention and insert each of them in your future posts. This will give you a boost in likes and comments from your fans.

5. Ask Questions

After photos, asking question is the next trigger for higher engagement with your followers. While photos get the highest likes per post, asking a question gets the highest votes per post. Hence, if you are looking for more votes from your fans, the ask questions. But if you want more likes, then embed interesting images in your posts.

6. Insert Flash Files

The third next engagement trigger is the flash files. This can be your own video shots or YouTube flash files. In fact flash files come next to photos when it comes to generating more likes per post. Not all flash files will get many likes. So carefully select your file to ensure they get the interests of your readership.

7. Find out the Best Day in a Week to Post on Facebook

You may probably think that the best time to post is during weekends because nobody is working and people can spend time on their laptops or desktop computers; you are wrong. In fact, weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) get the lowest engagement.  The best time in a week to make some posts is during weekdays, and that is from Monday to Friday. The engagement level is more or less at par, but the highest is on Wednesday and Thursday, which are 8% higher than the average of the rest of the week. Therefore, if you are going to make at least 4 posts in a week, then make sure that 2 of the posts are on Wednesday and Thursday.

There are still a lot of best practices in posting to Facebook that can lead to higher engagement with your fans. This includes offering discounts, adding events, updating your status or profile, and so on. Sometimes, engagement depends on the type of fans that you have, including their common interests and age groups.

Thus, it is also helpful to know and better understand your followers in order to spark engagement. You can also start with your common interests and then apply the above tips to maximize the output. Find a good mixture of your different strategies and fine tune your techniques to enhance not just the engagement with your fans but also your relationship with them. As your bond with your fans strengthens over time, it won’t be hard for you to close a couple of sales since they already trust you.

Take note that trust between two parties is crucial in business. Without it, sales can hardly be closed. By becoming aware of the above tips, you are better assured that you will not only get targeted traffic to your blog but you will also enhance the brand image of your products as you build trust among your followers.