Ways to Get More Website Hits

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website hits

When you start a website, what should you want more than anything else?

Some would say sales. Some would say readers. And some would say, good writers. And all of these people would be right, to an extent. But, the thing you need most is none of these. It is website hits.

Just think about it. If you want sales, you need buyers. But to get buyers, you need visitors. The more hits you have, the more visitors you have; the more visitors, the more potential buyers; the more potential buyers, the more conversions; the more conversions, the more sales. The same logic applies for readers. And what’s the point of good writers, at the end of the day?

To drive traffic. Or, to generate more hits to your website. See where we’re going with this?

In the realm of marketing and advertising, this is the one thing that should be your ultimate focus. Let’s look at why focusing on website hits is so useful.

The Problem of Brand

Branding is the process of distinguishing yourself from other similar websites, web stores, products, or services. Branding is important in marketing – after all, if Adidas and Nike are both more or less the same shoe, it’s branding that drives consumers to purchase this or that – but in the world of web, distinguishing yourself is a little easier: You just need to be the one people read, and you’re done. That’s it. Really.

Most people don’t agree with this, at least at first. But think. There are thousands and thousands of websites out there that have content similar to yours. What’s important is not so much that you tell the world, Oh, I’m different because . . . , but that the world comes to you, not them. With physical goods and big brands, this is most easily achieved by placing strong emphasis on branding. But in the world of web, all you really need to do is, you guessed it, get more website hits.


If people go to your site, they’re not going to anyone elses. And if you have good content, they’ll probably stay with you, even if the other sites are just as good, because it’s easier to turn to a good source you’re familiar with than to try to find a new and better one. So, focusing on hits makes the problem of brand a triviality: If people come to you, you stand out to them without even trying.


In a similar vein as that discussed above, there are thousands of sites out there just like yours. Trying to be unique probably isn’t going to do you much good, because . . . Well, chances are, you won’t end up being all that unique at all. Once again, if you focus on getting more website hits rather than absolute uniqueness, you’ll be just fine, Why? Because if you have good content, all of your visitors will stay with you. They’re not looking for unique. They’re looking for a good source. If you’re the first good source they come across, you’re the good source they came across. And that’s enough. They won’t look for any other, because it’s a waste of time.

In order to take advantage of all this, there are a few changes you should make in how you manage your website. First, make SEO a priority; second, spread the word about your site on social networks; and finally, contact people through direct email by setting up mailing lists. This should be more than enough to get your marketing – all of it – done, and done well.