12 Ways to Get More Website Traffic

how to get more website visitorsGetting more website traffic is one of the many challenges of an online business. In real world, it is like getting plenty of people to visit the store to check your merchandises on display. Consequently, fewer people means lower sales, and if your site only has a handful of visitors, then you can’t expect your sales to be high.

Strategies to Get More Website Traffic

Target the right keywords

One of the first steps that you need to do is to analyze your keywords. If your website is experiencing poor traffic despite having a good page rank in major search engines, then maybe the keywords you are targeting have low global and local exact match search. Don’t be deceived by the standard results of Google Adwords that are automatically set at ‘broad search.’ You have to un-check this one and change it to ‘exact match’ to get better results on your keyword analysis. You will be surprised that the results are different and the global search for your keywords is low. Go for keywords with at least a thousand or more global monthly searches.

Provide value in your content

Get rid of scrap contents in your site. Presence of poor quality posts only puts your website at risk of being de-indexed by Google. Take note that both the Panda and the Penguin updates were focused on penalizing sites involved in content farms; so if your site has several poor-quality posts, then you better start getting rid of them, while replacing those bad ones with good quality posts with real value to your visitors. Aside from enjoying the benefits of improved ranking, having a couple of useful articles can also drive direct traffic to your site coming from referrals from well-satisfied readers who shared some of the pages to their networks of fans and friends.

Get more backlinks

Build more backlinks to your site to capture additional visitors while improving its search engine ranking. Diversify your links from various sources like forums, article directories, social sites, and blogs. This will further expand the exposure of your website to different markets, thereby funneling higher traffic from various directions.

Optimize your site for the search engines

A good source of traffic is the search engine. Visitors that came from the search engines are highly-targeted audience, leading to better conversion rate. Implement various SEO strategies to get your site to the front page of Google for your target keyword phrase. Once you have achieved this feat, you shall start enjoying free-flow of traffic with lesser efforts from your end.

Promote and advertise your website

If you want faster results, directly promote your website using various aggressive advertising like the CPM ads strategy. This may require higher investment, but you will also get to enjoy the amazing benefits if your techniques are effective and efficiently implemented with excellence in execution. The best part about this method is your site will get sudden burst of traffic coming from your ads campaign. Accurate targeting of keywords is essential for this strategy to be successful with good ROI; otherwise, you might end up on the losing end for capturing non-buyers while paying for their visits.

Blog about your site

Start blogging about your website. You can create micro-sites that point to your main site. This is will not only give you direct visitors but this will improve the ranking of your site as well.

Create a Faceboook fanpage for your site

The Facebook fan page is getting a lot of attention from online entrepreneurs and many top companies with websites. It is because many companies with powerful Facebook fan pages have experienced tremendous growth in their businesses. Facebook, a popular social site with more than six hundred thousand active users, is a great place to expand the online exposure of your site to a huge global community. You can tap on the massive fanbase to promote your site via the fan page.

Rank your site in Alexa

Having a good Alexa rank will also help in improving traffic to your website. There are millions of Alexa users worldwide. Submitting your site in Alexa gives your site the chance to be found by more Alexa users. Some of them are willing to review your site and refer them to others. You can also review the sites of other users and establish credibility within the Alexa community. Aside from getting higher traffic, you will also get bigger profits when you flip your site if its Alexa rank is high.

Publish articles in various article directories

Article marketing is not dead yet. While this is the frequently-used marketing campaign for SEO purposes and to drive direct traffic to the site, this is still very effective today. Create good-quality articles and distribute them to various directories. Make sure to submit unique articles. Unlike in the past where you can use the same article for submission to different article directories, today this is already considered as article spamming; most directories also demand unique article per submission.

Be active in popular social bookmarking networks

Bookmark your site and its different pages in several top social bookmarking networks like Digg and Reddit. Be active in these social networks and your bookmarks will also be shared by your followers and other members. To get better results, you must also build bigger fanbase so that your bookmarks will be seen by more people. Create powerful headlines in your posts and your bookmarks will also be shared by many users.

Guest blog in highly reputed blogs

Guest blogging is effective in getting indirect traffic. Guest blogging in other highly-respected related blogs with huge number of visitors funnels traffic from those sites towards yours. While most blogs won’t allow placing links to your site within your content, they allow you to add your site url in your profile, which is seen and clickable in your post. Therefore, provide value in your blog post and your readers will check your profile that leads to your site.

Buy Traffic

While most of the above methods of getting more traffic to your website are free but relatively time-consuming and tedious, a simpler method is to buy traffic. This gives you quicker results as well. There are a couple of reliable services that can give your site a surge of highly-targeted traffic for just a nominal cost. So if you have some money for your marketing costs, then consider apportioning some amount in buying traffic.

Don’t limit your strategies to the above techniques. There are still plenty of methods of funneling more website visitors. Regularly test, monitor, and analyze each method in order to find out the best strategies that work in your case.

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