Leaked IP Addresses of VPN Users Reveal Online Vulnerability Again

Web Real Time Communication or WebRTC has recently discovered a critical online vulnerability that has once again shaken the World Wide Web. This vulnerability reflected open-sourced standards which gave the browser capacity to make video and voice calls without the need for a plug-in. What are the affected products? Security researchers have discovered that the […]

Beware of Hackers’ New Jab: WhatsApp Web Feared for Spreading Banking Trojan

Cyber criminals seize the world in panic for their every jab in digital security. Lately, hackers have endeavoured to spread malware through WhatsApp, a popular messaging application, through its latest web client. WhatsApp has launched its web client to the public in the early part of 2015. With the hopes of making the application more […]

Google Paving Another Internet Milestone: Domain Registration Open in the US Starting 2015

    Back in June of the previous year, Google opened its domains to users. There was a catch though: only those who were counted in the invite-based system are able to take advantage of its offers. However, Google is paving more roads in the internet in the year 2015. And one of these paths […]

Email Spamming: Why Dodging Filters Will Never Be Enough

Despite the filters and other protective measures that regular internet users and governments utilize, email spamming still consists of 80% of the overall volume. Most of this spam emails do not get through the Inbox internet users. Thanks to the extra precaution which is strictly put in by Internet Service Providers, a significant number of […]

Bitcoin IP Anonymity Hoax: Reality Call for Online Security Stirred Up Again

Thousands have been using the service of Bitcoin trusting and encouraged by the promise of its anonymity. Or so they thought. According to a paper recently published by the University of Luxembourg, there is a crack in the anonymity settings of the crypto-currency service. According to the researchers, hackers can crack the IP address of […]

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