Snapchat Rolls Out Discover: Social Advertising In for Another Shift

It seems that the internet’s famous names find the early part of the year as the best time to roll out updates: Google released an update in February. Twitter rolled out a tool to help small businesses. And now, Snapchat introduced Discover, an advertising opportunity for businesses. New sources like ESPN and CNN are expected […]

Is Marketing in for an Overhaul? New E-Commerce Innovations Appear as a Game-Changer in Business

There are technologies constantly being introduced in the market. All promise to add something of value to one’s business but only a handful prove its relevance in the long run. Still, this does not mean that business owners should just stick to their traditional way of managing and furthering their brand. In a highly competitive […]

Will Mobile Push Notifications be the Cause of Marketing Emails Extinction?

The past year has marked the biggest smartphones sale in history. With this rapidly growing invasion of smart mobile phones, it seems that business and marketing are set to experience yet another significant shift. Push notifications is one of the many things that arise with the spread of smart phone usage. These notifications can come […]

QUICK PROMOTE: New Twitter Program Promises to Give Small and Medium Sized Businesses a Leg Up in 2015

Twitter, one of the most famous social networking sites has become one of the biggest selling influences of today. Many surveys and studies on consumers’ purchasing attitude and the effects of social media revealed that more and more people turn to Twitter to check out a brand, review customer feedbacks, and elect whether to purchase […]

Google Algorithm Update 2015: Techniques to Sidestep Google Penalties Finally Revealed

Is your domain ready with Google’s constantly updating algorithm? Here are key questions to consider: Are you finding it difficult to achieve positive results despite the SEO efforts and investment you put in? Did your high ranking site drop notches after Google’s Panda or Penguin update? Do your high-quality links do nothing for your page […]

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