Malware Out to Take Over Apple: iOS Users Targeted by New Espionage Campaign

For the longest time, Apple product users have enjoyed security more than any other users of different operating systems. The company has prided itself for having seemingly invincible devices and systems that detect and keep away cyber criminals. However, a new malware campaign has been discovered to be targeting iOS devices. The malware has been […]

The Domain Appraisal Perspective You Need to Take: Why It Takes a Team to Get Top Appraisal Score

It is easy to get caught up in one’s plans when it comes to managing and furthering a domain. If you are looking to get your domain appraised and get the highest possible value, it may be high time to reassess your plans and consult your team. How a Team of Experts Can Build a […]

The ICANN Misfortune: What the Global Internet Authority Showed the World

The internet has turned the world into a community where people from around the world can communicate with those who are across the globe from where they are. People are now more up-to-date and in the know of what is happening around the world. News and current events are no longer limited in newspaper prints. […]

Millions of Android Users Duped: Adware for Android in Google Play Shows Millions of Downloads

The digital world is steadily shifting into another level. Now, users are spending more time on the internet because they are online in their mobile devices. Gone are the days when people have to get in their homes or offices to log on to the internet. Now, anyone can be connected whether they are in […]

Have a D-Link Wireless Router? Find Out If Your Wireless Connection Is an Open Gateway for Hackers

There are many cracks and liabilities which open to cyber criminals and allow them to get into one’s personal data especially through wireless connection. One of the latest ones is through the popular D-Link DSL wireless router model. The device is apparently open to a software bug that can be utilized by hackers to remotely […]

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