14 Benefits of Google Analytics for Internet Traffic

When it comes to getting your hands on internet traffic, there are tons of online websites, services and tools that as an online marketer or webmaster you can use. Some of these tools and services are even available for free, and Google Analytics is one of the most popular ones. The benefits of Google Analytics […]

Are Website Links Still Important in 2016?

Some bloggers are speculating whether website links are relevant in 2016.  I don’t think there’s much to debate.  Website links (also known as backlinks) are not only relevant, but absolutely critical in any SEO effort.  And I don’t think it’s really going out on a limb to say they will be absolutely relevant for some […]

5 Backlink Essentials

In the past backlink and quality content would help your website ranking greatly. Guess what? It still works today and it will greatly influence your page ranking on search engine results. Of course, other factors are always being added to the search engine algorithms, but backlink submission is still vital. Buying through backlink submission services […]

Ethical and Effective Ways to Get Targeted Traffic

When it comes to targeted traffic on your website, there is no stone you can afford to unturned. You need to go to the extra mile to make sure your website get maximum traffic and more importantly your website get visitors who are already interested in your products or services. Fol lowing are some effective […]

Page Authority and Domain Authority 101

A good domain authority and page authority play a key role in generating traffic and securing a good rank on Google. Generating traffic brings lots of people to your blog, and the more people you attract the more cash you make. You might be wondering…what is page authority? What is domain authority? How are both […]

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