What are some efficient ways to get targeted traffic to your website?

When it comes to SEO and keywords, it is a common mistake that most of the online marketers make; they try targeting everything. This technique was once successful but it is not anymore, search engines like Google and Bing are smart enough. They can distinguish quality contents from junk. So, in order to get targeted […]

What is Search Engine Optimization? 10 Things you still don’t know about SEO and Google PR

Search engines have been evolving continuously for last couple of years and that why SEO practices go out of trend after some time. Online marketers have to keep their skills up to date in order to compete with their competitors and more importantly to deliver results. Following are some latest trends of 2015 that you […]

SEO Predictions 2016: Is Increasing Web Traffic Enough for the Next Year?

Internet marketers are no stranger to the constant updates of SEO. In the coming year, will buying web traffic be enough to up one’s SEO? Will web traffic be relevant at all? To get anywhere at all in business, it is important to stay ahead of the game. Experts in SEO and internet marketing have […]

6 Ways People Are Destroying Their Pagerank And Losing Tons Of Traffic

    Almost every search engine has created many new rules, algorithms and policies over last couple of years. Of course search engines like Google wants websites to play by rules and website which don’t follow their rules get penalized with lower page rank and search engine ranking. Because of the smarter algorithms and better […]

How Online Marketers Buy Links Without Harming Website Ranking

  If you are reading this then you are probably tired of people telling you that great content will get you links. It is absolutely true, great content can get you quality links but the whole process could take months or even years. Of course it is not practical to write quality content for years […]

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