Creating a Targeted Email Blast

Getting new customers isn’t always as easy as it seems. If there is a physical store, then you can always get the attention of the people in the neighborhood and the city simply because of a location. But if you want to grow your business beyond the city or you have an online business, how do you attract more attention? A targeted email blast is one way to get the word out so that you can have more people viewing your site and keeping informed of the products and services you offer.

A targeted email blast is an initial email that goes out to a select group of people who are generally what your customers would be. It could be an age range, a gender or even a socio-economic class that your products are geared to. The email blast could be an invitation to subscribe to your newsletter or mailing list in order to receive more news on your products. It could also simply be a link getting them to visit your site where they can then subscribe. When you set up an email blast, what steps should you follow?

  • Know your audience
  • Refine the ask
  • Deliver the goods
  • Revise, revise, revise
  • Allow them out

targeted email blast

Know Who Should Be Reading Your Emails

The best business owner has a target audience and knows who buys their products. Sure, some business it is pretty easy to tell who they should target with their ads, but not all of them. There are businesses that work to serve a cross of ages, genders and races, so they have a bit harder of a time pinpointing who their biggest customers could be. But when you want to get a targeted email blast out there to attract new customers, you do need to do just that. Pinpoint and target exactly who you think should be buying your products or using your services.

Targeting your audience can be broad or it can be very narrow. Pinpointing an audience could mean singling out a gender, an age range and even a race. Or else you could choose an age span and leave it at that. Or you could simply pick a gender. Your targets all depend on the product or the service you are selling. Investigate your past clients and see where the majority of them fall so that you can reach out to similar ones in a different region, a different state or even around the globe. There isn’t a limit on who you want to reach when you are targeting an email blast out to gain new customers. The only limit is your budget and how many different mailing lists you want to buy to start out with.


Make the Ask Professional and Polite

Rude and spam emails are surely deleted in a matter of seconds. Make sure the email you are sending out is professional and polite, yet fun at the same time. A dull and dry ask for a subscription isn’t going to have as many results as a fun and upbeat one is. Because if the ask is dull, then the newsletters that will be delivered to your email on a regular basis will certainly be dull and boring to read too.

Therefore, make the ask short and sweet, to the point and in a fun matter that makes the reader think all of your newsletters are fun and that they shouldn’t miss out on any. The better you ask, the better the results will be in the number of subscriptions you get.


Deliver on What You Said in the Ask

Now if you asked readers to subscribe to a newsletter that will come in the first week of each month, then deliver on that promise. Don’t offer less and certainly don’t provide more. People didn’t opt in with their email address to receive one newsletter and 300 other pieces of news that you suddenly decide they should know about. Keep the information sent to them exactly as it was described in the ask email. Provide a newsletter once a month and have it stuffed with great pictures and stories about what you are doing. This is an effective subscription marketing technique.

If you want to send out news flashes or updates that are shorter or publicize a sale or something, create a second email blast and alert people they can get your daily news. Then you can send all of your news to that list and not sabotage the list of the people who only wanted one email a month from your company. When you deliver on what was promised they tend to respect you more after the fact.


Revise and Edit Everything you Email

No matter how great of a writer you think you are, there is probably a mistake or two in the email you just drafted to go out to all of the subscribers. Go through your work again and then again one more time to ensure there are no mistakes in it. Sending out information that contains many typos, spelling errors and even spacing and formatting issues shows you are in a rush and unprofessional when presenting material to your customers.

They will not appreciate it and it may even cause them to want to unsubscribe to your newsletters or mailing list. Keep every communication that comes from your office professional, whether it is an email, a blog posted or the description of a link you added to a bookmarking site. All of the data reflects back to you, the person creating it, so do you best to have it as perfect as possible so your reflection always looks impeccable.


Allow Readers to Opt Out

Even when you only present polished and interesting materials, there will be people who want to opt back out of your newsletter. Allow them to do so easily and so that they don’t keep receiving emails from you after the fact. Losing a subscriber is a bummer, but it will happen no matter who you are and how great your material is. People change and so do their needs and desires, so if your service isn’t something they need any more, don’t take it personally. Allow them to opt out and move on. Look for new and better customers to replace them in the future.

A targeted email blast can be a successful way to gain new and potential customers to your webpage and your business. When you follow a few simple steps, you can guarantee your blast will have better results than if you just guessed on all that was needed with it. Email is a fast and free way to reach out and grab new customers, so try it out for yourself and see how successful you can be.

The email blast will ask something of the people reading it, so ask in a quick manner that is polite and gets to the point. Don’t spend three paragraphs asking if they will hand over their email address to receive a once a month newsletter that won’t even take that long to read. Go direct to the point, be professional, and you will have people clamoring to sign up to your newsletter, thereby giving your targeted email marketing campaign a boost.


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