High Quality Link Building Provides Opportunities

high quality link buildingIf you have been working on your website’s optimization, then you know how much time it takes to build your rank in the search engines and how many strategies must be used to keep it there. When you can’t afford the services of an SEO company to do it for you, it’s easy to run out of ideas, especially when it comes to link building. Instead of trying to find out what other people are doing to build their links though, it is better to understand why they are link building the way they do. If you understand why you are doing something, you will be much more likely to come up with some new ideas of your own. These ideas may differ from what a professional SEO company might do, but if they serve the same purpose, what does it matter? In the end, it’s about increasing your website’s ranking in the search engine, and if you have to employ a few out of the box techniques that work, then by all means, do them.

Opportunity to Get Exposed

The first and most important reason for link building is all about exposure. Every link you place should provide an opportunity to get your link, your website, and your business exposed. You could do this the slow way, by sending links to one email recipient at a time, or you could focus on mass exposure by putting your link on high traffic sites. Whether your link is in an ad, an article, a comment section, or a review, if the website that is housing it gets thousands, or even millions of hits a day, the chances of a large majority of those people seeing your link are pretty good. The more people who see your link, the higher your odds that someone will actually click it and maybe even buy something on your site. Not only are these high traffic websites great exposure, but their high ranking status will also boost your own rank because of the connection.

Opportunity to Be Shared

The next reason to place your link somewhere is to give it an opportunity to be shared. If you put your link on a high traffic website that uses Facebook’s Like or Share button for instance, you have just given viewers the chance to put your link on another page for you. Double duty sites like these are great for exponential exposure, because you never know just how far your link will travel. It could be shared on multiple social media sites, by many people, and maybe even more than once. You can make it even easier for social media users to share your link by creating an account for your business on each network. Then, you can do some online marketing to encourage people to share a link to your website every time you post a new promotion, the most recent company news, or the latest product or service. In a way, a link that has the opportunity to be shared has the opportunity to market itself.

Opportunity to Direct Traffic

Yet another important reason for link building is the opportunity it provides for directing traffic exactly where you want it, when you want it. This is important when you need to sell more of one product over another or when you’ve experienced a slump in hits and sales on a particular service page. You can boost sales at just the right time of the season by posting discount links on your social media sites, promotion videos with links on your multimedia sites, and offers on all those coupon sites. Instead of directing all that traffic to your main page, where they will have to search for the product or service on sale, you can make it easy for them to find it by using that link to take them right to the “buy it now” button beneath its picture and description. In other words, by directing traffic, you are controlling what customers see, and hopefully buy, first.

Opportunity to Increase Ranking

A more obvious reason for link building is the lucrative opportunity to increase your website’s rank in the search engine results. The more links you have pointing to and out of your site, the more popular and important your site looks. If the sites that are pointing to your website also have a lot of traffic and are ranked highly, they further increase your ranking. It’s important to stay away from black hat SEO strategies that post your link everywhere, because they will post it on sites that have been penalized by Google. Being associated with these will hurt your ranking too. You want to be one of the top websites listed on the first page of the search results when people type in any number of the keywords related to your business. Most of these searchers will only look at the first page, if not even past the first three or four results. If you want traffic to get to your site and your link to be exposed on Google’s search engine, then you want one of those top spots, and link building is an effective way to get it.

Opportunity to Get Clicked

Ultimately, link building is about getting clicks. The more links you have out there, the more opportunities internet users will have to see and click them. If you ever hope to make money from your internet business or even to supplement income with your online shop, you have to get people to click your links and come to your website. You can make your links more tempting by attaching them to coupon offers, tempting product pictures, ads that tease and evoke curiosity, and by rewarding people who do click them with something worth their while. The more clicks your website’s links get, the higher your search engine ranking will climb, and the more clicks your website’s link will get. You can see how this builds momentum. It’s also obvious how this can be a challenge when you are just starting out and don’t have many clicks to get your site noticed by Google just yet. Once you understand why high quality link building matters though, you should be able to come up with more than enough strategies to make every click count- towards your rank that is.

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