How To Effectively Get Visitors Into Your Site

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Organic SEOAre you struggling to get visitors to your site? Many Webmasters are, and they are looking for any method that can bring them new traffic. However, this also leads Webmasters down the dangerous road of blackhat SEO and downright silly traffic generation idea that many so-called “gurus” pump out to make money. Before buying another bad ebook or listening to someone else’s “secret strategy” for traffic, you should look into these methods. All of them are proven to work in the current search engine landscape, and you will get website traffic if you dedicate your time to these methods.

Organic SEO

This is one of the best ways to get traffic, and it is also one of the easier methods. Organic SEO is all about natural link building. You start off by making a good article. Your article has to be full of detail, it should flow well and be easy to read and it needs to be properly optimized for one or two keywords. Just mention the keywords a few times, two to three at most, to avoid any over-optimization problems.

Post the article up and give it some exposure to start the natural linking. Post it on social media and throw a few good backlinks to the article. These pages have the ability to really gain traffic in the search engines because other people naturally link to good articles.

Start a Blog

Blogging can improve rankings because it gives you the chance to create more content for your website. Each blog post has the chance of showing up on the search engines, and more posts equals more chances to reach search engine users.

At the same time, don’t forget about quality. Making thousands of posts that are thin and full of poor writing is just going to drag your website down. Make sure each blog post is just as good as your organic SEO articles.

You just need to post once a day to get some good traffic into your website. Once again, social media is a great way to share your blog posts. Blogs are social in nature, so the pairing of blogging and social media just makes sense.

Make sure each blog post covers one full idea. If you keep blogging about the same thing in your posts, then you won’t get that much traffic. Spread yourself out a little and talk about the different aspects of your website or niche.

Video Marketing

Before getting scared of the technical nature of making a video, or having to put yourself in front of a camera, you should know that you can do effective video marketing without a camera, and without showing your face or even speaking one word.

Video marketing works because it largely bypasses the common search engine rankings. Search for a basic keyword right now in Google, and you will probably notice that YouTube is near the top of the page. These videos typically don’t have many backlinks, and videos have this magic to them that better converts customers.

So, how do you make a simple video without a camera? Bust out PowerPoint and make a slideshow. Slides with long text typically don’t do very well, but slides that have some good, salient points are easy to read and they typically bring visitors to your website.

Save the presentation as a movie, and then post it up on YouTube. You may need to build a few backlinks to your video, but you will often need much fewer links that with a common Web page.

Make a List

The money is in the list, so start list building. Start by signing up with an email service that is capable of creating mass emails to hundreds or thousands of users. This service will help you manage the email addresses you collect, and it will allow you to email them your marketing materials.


Once you have the email service ready, then you need to make a page specifically for collecting emails. You can just put the email form on the side of your website, and that does work for some people. But, making a page specifically for collecting email addresses can improve the number of users you get.

These pages typically include one good article that tells visitors the benefits of opting-in to your email marketing. Offering them a free ebook, online course or other valuable items typically increases the chance of someone giving you their email address.

After collecting an email address, you can then send marketing materials to them. For example, you can send them coupons, or you can you send them informative articles that will make them come back to your website.

Email marketing is usually effective for bringing in visitors because these people have already expressed interested in your website. You are just ensuring that they know about all the little changes going on in your website.

Paid Advertisements

Sometimes you need to pay for visitors to get your website off the ground. This is a great way to get traffic if you are in a saturated niche, or if your website is just starting out. Paid traffic usually puts your website right in front of people, and many advertisements either directly deliver traffic to your website, or you only have to pay for traffic if they click your advertisement and go to your website.

While some Webmasters are worried about spending money to get traffic, this can be exactly what you need to get some paying customers. Try out PPC ads or paid traffic advertisements to increase your number of visitors.

Slideshow Marketing

This is similar to the video marketing method established earlier on, but you aren’t making a video out of the slideshow. There are many websites that display just slideshows, and businesses place their slideshows up there to expose people to their website.

Make a slideshow that people would be interested in seeing. For example, if you sell jeans, then make a slideshow about the history of jeans, or the best way to buy a pair.

Most slideshow websites don’t allow you to link directly from the slideshow to your website, but you can add your URL into the slides. Just put your website address into the first and last slide, and you should get some extra traffic.

Offline Marketing

The majority of Webmasters get trapped in just using online marketing methods for their website. While online marketing is effective, offline marketing can easily expose people to your website. You can get radio advertisements, newspaper ads or even billboards to bring people to your website.

These methods have their pros and cons. You are not guaranteed any extra visitors, and offline marketing is often more expensive than online marketing. At the same time, offline exposure is usually easier to get than online exposure. This is because millions of articles and websites can exist in the same space, but a newspaper ad takes up a sizable and easy-to-see portion of the newspaper.


Getting more website traffic doesn’t have to be difficult, but you do have to work with these different marketing methods to get the exposure you need for traffic. Just pick a few of these methods and start using them immediately to increase your number of visitors. Each strategy is targeted to improving your traffic, and using all the methods will spread your website around the Internet for the best effect.


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