Lesser Known Online Marketing Techniques

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online marketing techniquesOnline marketing will continuously give webmasters tough challenges amidst the fast changing world. There are highly effective marketing techniques two years back that are now redundant, while some may still work but their effectiveness levels are no longer as high as before.

Search engine optimization, for instance, has made a major facelift and the SEO landscape today is no longer the same as before. Consequently, SEO strategies must also change in order to keep them abreast with the current modifications and market developments.

In fact, there are a couple of techniques that used to be quite effective but are now potentially hazardous to the SEO health of domains because search engines consider them as spamming, which could lead to possible blacklisting from the result pages.

A good example is article submission of mirror and slightly-spun contents to multiple article directories. Many bloggers used this method 2 to 3 years ago, but this is no longer advisable today because the Panda and Penguin updates of Google will definitely penalize the involved blogs.

To set your internet marketing campaign off to a good start, take a few minutes to know the lesser known yet powerful marketing strategies that many successful webmasters are doing today to become successful online.

Effective Internet Marketing Strategies

Infographics Marketing

This method is usually reserved for web graphics experts because of the technicality of the job. However, you don’t have to possess graphics creation skills in order to implement this method of marketing as long as you have the creative ideas. You can easily outsource the creation part at a minimal cost. Just tell your ideas to the expert and you will have a nice art piece that you can use for your infographics marketing.

This method is very effective in grabbing the attention of the readers. Many people today prefer to view infographics rather than read long boring articles that are sometimes quite technical in nature and hard to decipher. In this case, readers can already get the message by simply looking at the presentation, thereby saving them a lot of time.

There are many ways to publish your infographics. You can submit it to Pinterest where others can share your artworks as well, or you can share it in Facebook that can trigger a lot of ‘Facebook Likes’ if it is very impressive and worth sharing with.

Ebook Advertising

Ebook marketing is another effective website marketing method that can give you highly targeted hits. Many people today turn to digital version of books, which they can read through their personal electronic gadgets like iPad and android phones.

Create stunning tutorial ebooks or something that provide value to the readers and insert a couple of links to your web pages. Give the ebook for free to your friends and followers in different social networks. The wider the scope of distribution the better exposure your blog gets. If people appreciates the tips you shared in the free digital product, they will most likely to check more of your web-contents for additional information.

WP Theme Building

This technique may be a bit expensive but this works well in giving your business increased visibility while at the same time create more backlinks for better search engine ranking. If you are a web designer then this is the strategy that you should use because this is less costly on your part. The investment that you will need is just your time in creating an impressive theme.

You can give the theme for free. Every theme comes with a link, which you can feature in every page at the footer. Even if the font size is small, but if the theme attracts the viewers, many will still check the link at the footer in order to know more about your web templates and other theme offers. This is also a great way to get more backlinks to your posts.


Podcasts Marketing

Many businesses today turn to podcast marketing because of its increasing popularity. More than 100 million Americans view and listen to podcast files. This makes it an excellent source of visitors. Although you cannot make a link clickable in podcast, you can still use this method by highlighting your web url all throughout the presentation. This is an excellent branding technique, and it is perfect for short urls that are easy to remember. So make sure that your domain name is short to make this more efficient in capturing targeted leads.

Mobile Promotion

According to some studies, there are more than 1 billion worldwide mobile browsers today, and the number is increasing month on month. In fact, it is estimated that by the year 2015, there will be more people browsing the internet using various types of mobile devices compared to desktop PC and laptop users.

Therefore, it is but natural to include in your marketing campaign a couple of strategies that capture the mobile users. You can do this by creating some apps that will eventually lead the mobile browsers to your webpages.

For instance, if your blog is about health particularly on losing weight, you can create an app that easily calculates the body mass index and lead the users to your blog for more information about what the results tell about their present BMI.

Other webmasters make it easy for their clients to access their blogs by creating animated icons that let people access specific web pages with just a single button-click on the main screen. These are just a few marketing examples targeting the mobile market.

Joint Venture

Joint ventures are popular among internet marketers. Successful people believe in the power of two that complement each other’s strengths are effective in toppling direct competitors. You can harp on the strength of your partner on areas where you are weak, while sharing your strength to complement the weakness of your business partner.

Joint ventures allow you speed up your success. You can tap on the network of fans of your partners including their email subscriber lists, while doing the same thing for them. Some joint ventures exchange links or swap banner ads. This may be effective, but once Google finds out you are involved in this method, you might be potentially banned.

To be safe, harp on the power of joint venture by using the list of your partner to promote your offers, while sharing your subscriber-base to your JV partner as well.

Wiki Publishing

Only a few marketers use this lesser known web marketing strategy. Create wiki pages and contribute in giving factual insights. You can present explanations supported by data that is referenced to your webpage. Wikis like Wikipedia normally require references to support statistics and facts.

Thus, make a survey or conduct a market research and publish the results in your blog. You can then look for topics in the Wiki pages and add more information, while referencing the data in your site to support the arguments that you made.

You can implement other online marketing strategies to capture your target audience using popular methods used by most marketers. Going with the pack is definitely a tough decision because you shall be competing with the top guns in the industry. But if you implement a couple of lesser known web traffic marketing techniques, you chances are higher and success becomes more pronounced.