How to Attract More Visitors to Your Website

how to get more website visitors

How to attract visitors to my website?

There are a lot of reasons why you create a webpage for your product or your service. First off, you want it to gain attention for one reason which probably leads to the second reason. You want to make money by selling a product or a service to the general public. A webpage is the fastest way to get attention to your business when it is done correctly. There are a lot of methods to direct more visitors to a website so you can pick and choose which methods work the best for your situation.

Some ways to direct visitors are free while others might have a fee associated with them. There are also ways that take little or no effort, yet there are some that consume a little bit of your time in order to set up correctly. Following is a list of the most popular ways to get traffic coming across your page, which hopefully turn into clicks to buy or sell something you offer.

Dress Up Your Signature Line

How many emails do you send out on a regular basis? Are you active on Facebook? Are you a frequent tweeter? All of those locations will house a URL link if you add it to your account information, your signature line or in the about me section of your page. And when you add it to your signature or account info, it will be out there all of the time, no matter when the person reads your email, tweet or update. Your link can get clicked on 24/7 and it doesn’t cost a thing to set up those accounts. Don’t have any social media accounts? Get some!

Register for Social Media Accounts

Social media has revolutionized the way that a business or product can reach a potential or current customer. A person can look for a particular product through any of the sites and get pictures on new products, user instructions and even details on sales or events that the general public will not receive. Contacting ones who have registered to receive your subscriptions, updates and tweets is easy too. You can send out one message and everybody will receive it at the same time. Use that information to direct people to your website. The more traffic that can link back to your website, the better off you are. Some of the most popular social media pages include Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and dozens of article directories and link sharing sites.

Send Out Press Releases

It used to be that a press release was only created when a huge event was going on in a major corporation. Then the smaller companies realized they could send out newsworthy stuff and then the small guys. There isn’t any reason why you can’t send out a press release even if you are a one person operation starting out in the basement. If you have something newsworthy going on, like working on a community park project, a brand new product coming out for release or even a string of new employees that were just hired or trained on something new, then make a press release about your new offers or about the update. The news doesn’t have to be on a specific topic, as long as it is newsworthy and something the public might get an interest out of.

Purchase Targeted Lists

Targeted lists for capturing visitors to a website is another excellent method. Bulk email lists can be purchased from companies who keep track of data on people across the country. You can purchase lists that are targeted to certain groups based on who your audience is. For example, you can choose girls from the 15 to 25 age bracket if you are selling a type of clothing for teens and young adults. You could choose the 65+ age bracket for old men if you have a prostrate screening device. There isn’t a limit to who you can target with your list. It can be narrowed down by gender, age, occupation, region where they live, marital status or even race. When you target your list then you have a higher instance of success with the people who it is sent out to.

Get Educated on SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, will get your site listed higher on the page with search engines. When a person types in a keyword or phrase that matches what you have listed in your META information, the more SEO work you have done, the higher your page will be in the rankings. The higher you are, the more clicks you will get that lead to sales or bookings. The pages don’t just land on the top of the Google site or the Yahoo! page without having a lot of background help. The SEO is the help that gets a page noticed and bumped up to the top. But the items that get a page bumped up to the top can also work against a page and get it dropped down to the bottom. Make sure you don’t make a mistake with your page so that it drops accidentally and you lose customers because of it.

SEO work is when you concentrate on getting the META information correct, use keywords in articles placed on your page, provide quality backlinks in to your site and continually update the information on your site to feed the spiders that crawl over it to make the page rankings. When you rank higher, naturally you will attract more visitors to the website. If you don’t know what the basics of SEO are, then you can hire someone who does and they can optimize your site. They can write articles, link to articles to your site from a directory or even edit within the current pages to make your keywords more prominent and picked up by search engines. Even though visitors might stumble across your site by accident, it is the ones who are directed there by the search engines that typically are ready to shop, book an appointment or begin a client relationship with you.

Getting visitors to a website is almost as important as getting customers through the door if you were a retail store. You can’t do any business if people don’t walk through the door, just as you can’t sell anything if people don’t visit the website. It is important to take many necessary steps in order to increase your page rankings so that people start flooding your site with views. The more people look at your site, the higher it will climb in the rankings and the process will only continue to cycle. More views equals higher page rankings and the spiders will continue to reward your site with a high ranking as long as the backlinks stay of high quality and the information contained on the page is valuable and worthwhile. Take the time each day or week to add new relevant content so you don’t ever have to worry about your page dropping and becoming obsolete on the Internet before you are ready to retire.

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