How to Get Bulk USA Traffic

get usa bulk trafficIf you are running a website in English, then some of your best traffic may come from the USA. This is especially true if you are based in America, but even some European websites may need USA traffic for one reason or another. However, solely getting bulk USA traffic is hard, sometimes it’s even impossible. Here are a few methods you can use to get exclusive USA traffic.


Before getting into the methods and tips, you should understand why USA traffic is so important for your website. How are you currently monetizing your website? Are you using CPA, affiliate ads, CPC ads or any of the other common methods?

Unless you are selling your own product, and even then USA traffic is great, most of the businesses offering these monetization methods prefer or even demand USA traffic. If you are part of a network that only honors clicks or email submissions from the USA, then there is no point in getting traffic from anywhere else in the world.

Not only that, but the other networks that allow you to get traffic from anywhere else typically pay the most for USA traffic. Most CPA website and other advertising services will show you a breakdown of what they will pay you per every click, filled out form or 1,000 impressions per country.

Most of these lists put America at the top. European countries may also be up there, and sometimes they top the USA, but that tends to be uncommon.

Now, what if you sell your own product? Americans are consumers at heart. They love buying things. If you offer a quality product or service, then USA traffic is commonly the best converting traffic. Statistically speaking, they have enough disposable income to buy online products, and they are used to making purchases online.

These two aspects combine to create a converted customer for your business.

PPC Filtered Ads

One of the easier ways of getting USA traffic is through a PPC network. PPC stands for “Pay Per Click,” and it means that you have to pay whenever a user clicks your ad.

Good PPC ad networks, such as AdWords or Facebook advertising, allow you to filter your ad exposure by country. This enables you to only let USA users see your ads, which is perfect for just getting traffic from America.

PPC ads can be very good for some people, but there are also a few problems with this approach that may keep you from profiting.

First of all, PPC ads can be expensive. If you don’t have a website that has the proper copy to convert customers, then you might be getting visitors, but that doesn’t mean you will make any money from them. These ads are also expensive because most low-level keywords cost $1 per click. More competitive keywords can cost $5, $10 or even $20 a click.

Next, you need to write an ad that converts. Poor ad copy is one of the best ways to keep people away from your website.

Lastly, there is a lot of competition here. Unless you are bidding on some ultra specific keyword, then you will typically be going up against thousands of other ads. The exposure you get is often negligible unless you know how to really stand above the crowd.

If you are just starting out, and if you don’t have that much money for marketing, then PPC ads may not be for you. There is no guarantee that they will convert, and you need some good advertising experience to make the best use of your traffic.

PHP Filtering

Are you currently getting traffic to your website, but you only want the USA traffic to go to a certain page, while the other traffic is sent to other pages on your website? You can do this with PHP filtering.

PHP filtering isn’t exactly difficult, and you don’t need any coding experience to really set this up. It only involves three lines of PHP followed by your common HTML link.

You start off by making a PHP file that is able to read the user’s IP address, along with his or her currently used language. The coding is as follows:




From here you would make an HTML link for each of the languages. Since you are looking for USA traffic, you would request for USA English to be directed to your one page that needs American traffic.

While this method can work for a popular website, there are a few problems with it.

First of all, you need to have traffic for this to work. PPC ads bring you traffic, but this just filters your traffic to reach a certain page. If you don’t have anyone coming in, then this method isn’t going to help you much.

Second, the PHP can be easily fooled. For example, how is Canadian traffic filtered? Canadians often have their browsers set to either US or UK English, so this is a gamble at best. There are also other countries that have a percentage of US English speakers, but they won’t count as USA traffic.

While this can really help filter your international and domestic traffic into different areas of your website, it is not an infallible method. You often need to pair this with other marketing methods to get the traffic flowing to your website, and most other marketing methods will deliver international traffic to your page.

Buy Traffic

If you are looking for a large number of USA visitors, then buying USA-specific traffic is probably one of the safer and guaranteed methods out there. It’s by no means perfect, but it is definitely better than the other methods here.

Buying traffic enables you to specify where you want the traffic to come from. Good traffic sellers can get you real, human visitors from any country you want. USA traffic is heavily requested, so the vast majority of traffic sellers offer it.

Buying traffic is also cheaper per visitor. As stated above, PPC ads often cost $1 or more per click. If you buy 1 million visitors for $1,000 from a traffic seller, then you are spending $0.001 per visitor. You can’t beat pricing like that.

Now, some people are worried about buying traffic due to the likelihood of scamming, but some careful research will ensure that you get your money’s worth. Make sure that the seller provides you with a detailed list of incoming IP addresses so you can verify the traffic.

The other problem some people have with buying traffic is that it is often irrelevant. PPC ads are highly prized because the incoming traffic is interested in your subject. Buying specifically targeted traffic, which often isn’t that expensive, ensures you only get traffic that is interested in your website and your product or ads.

You Can Get Bulk USA Traffic Here At GetWebsiteTraffic.Org

Getting bulk USA traffic can be hard, but you often need it to make the most of your website. Buying traffic gives you the best chance of getting the traffic you need, without forcing you to spend a huge amount on clicks and ads.

Buying traffic works for new and established websites, so you don’t even need to worry about building your website up. This gives you all the traffic and exposure you would ever need.

We know that we deliver because we have so many testimonials from satisfied clients.

Many of our clients use our USA traffic to target residents of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas and other major cities. Even though at this time we do not have specific city-based geographical targeting, our bulk usa visitors makes it easy to blanket the entire USA with a huge online marketing campaign so that the target audience will be reasonably reached by the campaign.

Recently we started our bulk traffic service for websites to incredible response. This is in response to a huge demand from some of our top clients who are into affiliate marketing. We now have the capability of attracting thousands and even hundreds of thousands of hits per day.

Bulk traffic campaigns are an extremely low cost way of obtaining clicks and sales. While CPC advertising in many networks can cost as much as $100 per click, we can deliver a single click for as low as $0.00056. Even though the quality of a PPC or advertising banner click is not as high, we are able to deliver because of the sheer volume we deliver. Even if only 0.001% of the visitors we send do something on your website, you could get really profits that far outstrips any of the traditional marketing campaigns that you have ever embarked on.

That is why so many customers have switched from expensive PPC and advertising programs to our bulk traffic.

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