Monitor Your Progress Using a Page Ranking Checker

inbound linksDuring your search engine optimization and search engine marketing campaigns, there is a special tool that is of a real help when you try to monitor your progress to the first pages with search results in Google: the page ranking checker.

This is one of the page ranking tools that tell you how effective your campaigns are and help you see what is to be done in the future in order to get a higher page rank. You will then decide what your links building process needs in order to provide more quality backlinks and increased traffic.

As you probably know, backlinks coming from sites with high page ranks are supposed to increase page ranking much faster than lower pr backlinks, but this does not mean that you should ignore the power of inbound links from sources like forums, article directories, blogs, or even traffic exchanges, because, by their number, they could help your website page ranking grow.

Forums as Sources of Traffic

A forum is a place where people sharing the same interest for a certain topic meet and discuss. You can register as a member of a forum with topics related to your website, and open a thread there or post a comment.

You can include a link to your site in the text of the post, as well as in your member profile and signature. This way, the people who are interested to find out more about you and your business will follow the links and visit your website.

When talking about forum posting, you will reply that searching topics related to your website on forums and posting comments to them, as well as initiating your own threads is time consuming and you do not have enough time to invest in it.

This is all the more true if you are a fair forum poster and do not intend to spam. Posting interesting comments and finding attractive topics to open new threads is an activity that may take you a lot of time, but never take the easy way and use automated software to post on forums.

It is true that such software would create your backlinks much faster and without your direct implication, but most of the forums are aware of such methods and reject spamming. Moreover, you would not be too happy to see your website banned for such practices, instead of getting a higher web page ranking.

As an alternative, you could use paid forum posting services. There are many service providers in this field, experienced in posting comments and creating threads on topics that are in close connection with the profile of your website.

When hiring such services, be careful to have a contract that exonerates you of any responsibility in case the party you hire does not use organic methods for posting on the forums.

It is only a thin line between ecstasy – a higher page rank obtained as a result of an intelligent campaign that uses honest methods – and agony, when your site gets flagged or banned due to unorthodox ways o increasing traffic, and you should never cross this line.

A bright move would be to leave the forum posting service to your SEO provider, assuming that you chose him carefully, after thorough research. After all, forum posting is part of search engine optimization and it is no use in paying for several separate services from separate providers when you can have a profitable package deal from someone you trust.

How to Create a Forum

When you try to increase page ranking by using traffic from forums, it is a good idea to create your own forum, on topics related to your website. You have several options for such a forum:

• Using hosted free services – in this case, you can create a forum on one of the many servers that offer such services for free;

• Using hosted free software and free scripts – this solution implies that you have a paid for hosting service for your website, which allows you to download and install free or open source forum scripts;

• Using hosted paid software and scripts – although this is the best option, it costs more than the previous solutions, but allows you to install extended updates of the software, and also gives you full access to the coding, full rights of management and moderation of the forum, full control over the hosting settings and the possibility of using a unique IP for your forum.

Forums are very effective and powerful, and represent one of the valuable links building strategies that you can apply. If posting on forums or creating your own forum seems too complicated, you can hire specialists to deal with these methods of website page ranking improvement.

Use a page ranking checker every time you wish to find out if your marketing campaign is on the right track and really delivers the results you are expecting from it.

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